When Animals Attack...

Hair tools, that is.  I left my comb on the foyer table, and Wisdom managed to reach up there and get it. He is a power chewer and really likes to chew on hard plastics (or completely destroy stuff toys).  As you can imagine the plastic comb was right up his alley.

Fortunately, he didn't bite the comb's teeth too badly, he mostly focused on the handle. I still want to get a new comb. I went to Sally's yesterday, but they were out of the shower comb.

I can't say I'm surprised after all he did attack my old wig.  Just for fun, I decided to reenact the comb attack.  At first, he acted shy, then he got really into it. LOL

Why do you want me to hold this?
Okay, I'm holding it. Now what?
Wait a minute, this feels oddly familiar.
OH YEAH! I remember now.
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Wash Day Update

In my January Hair Update, I talked about how the plastic bands I used to secure my braids on wash day were breaking my hair.  I got some great suggestions and your input was appreciated. I decided to try out the mini scrunchies and I really like them.  I only have to wrap them twice around my braids, they stay put and they don't appear to cut into my hair.

What's interesting is that I noticed that when I would wash with the plastic bands, there would be a hair caught in the hair drain guard. But now, there is no hair caught in the hair guard.  The plastic bands were cutting into my hair as I washed, but I didn't realize anything was wrong.  Although I never had this problem with the black mini rubber bands, I decided to stick with the mini scrunchies.
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Hair Products For Short Hair | Short Hairstyles

Short Hairstyles

Short Hairstyles

Short Hairstyles

Short Hairstyles

Short Hairstyles

Even though you have found the perfect, cute, short haircut, it won’t take time to get messed up if you use the wrong kind of products. Female short hairstyles also need maintenance albeit not in a way that is required for long hair. A good conditioner, mousse, gel, sprays etc all help in creating the perfect look. So, go for in reputed brands when you make that purchase. Consult your hairstylist and know which products suit your short haircut. Look for herbal ones if you wish to avoid the harsh chemicals that may be found in most products today.

air Color:
Know your skin color before you opt to change the hair color. You may want to add some colored streaks for your short haircut, but it can turn to be a disaster if it does not blend with the skin. Colors can really help to enhance the hairstyle and help your very short haircuts look ultra glam, if done professionally.

Make up:
This is an important factor to consider for short hairstyle cuts. Very short haircuts bring more attention to your face. So, decide upon which are your best features and play upon them. If it’s the eyes, enhance them with good eye make up. If it’s your lips, you can enhance them with a good lip color.

Female short hairstyles look good with when combined with accessories. Long earrings or studs, chokers, chains, attractive pendants all help to bring the attention to the neck. A look through the malls would reveal a variety of options that you can use to decorate your short haircuts. Add some glitz to your hair locks with some trendy accessories.

So girls, its time to leave your worries behind and go in for a cute, short haircut that is bold, daring and makes you feel confident about yourself.

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Products I Use on My Natural Hair, Part 2

By: MsNastassja

In my last post, I shared the products that I currently use and love.  Here are some other things I really like to use:

Giovanni Direct Leave-In. I'll add this either right after washing my hair, or in the mornings to dry hair before school. I just apply it to the ends with wet hands.

Alberto V05 Hot Oil Shower Works. This has been hard to find where I live, but I use it sometimes after my Aussie detangling session.

Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie. This is a really thick butter and smells like something you should be eating. It does enhance my curls, like promised, but it leaves them very soft and unlikely to really clump together like a gel would.

Herbal Essences Gels. Totally Twisted for the looser curls at the top and front part of my head, and Set Me Up for the kinkier ones at the bottom and back, since it has more hold to it.
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Scrunched Braid

My daughter gets so many compliments on this simple style. 
You make a simple braid we did this to hold her bangs back out of her face.
Once the braid is in place hold on the center strand and pull the remaining hair up towards her head.
Then secure with an elastic.

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This page has photos of Victoria Beckham hairstyles. And show you how to copy Victoria�s hairstyles, so you can look like the ex-Spice Girl, Victoria �Posh Spice� Beckham.

Victoria Beckham has been setting trends with her various hairstyles over the years.

For years she wore gorgeous long hair extensions, but in more recent times she�s been sporting an asymmetrical short cut commonly referred to as the Pob � Posh�s Bob.

This striking asymmetrical short cut, that is somewhere between tousled and messy, and smooth and sleek.

Find a skilled stylist who is comfortable with texturizing via straight razor to get the right amount of life in your hair. Discuss with your hairdresser what aspects of the cut will suit you, and where things should be adapted to be most flattering to your face shape and styling skills.

This style suits pretty much every head of hair � Fine hair gets quite a lift this way and heavy, thick locks get a weight lifted out.

This cut is meant to move hair forward, framing the face to the point of almost obscuring features with the sultry way the hair falls in the eyes.

Copy Victoria Beckham�s Pob: Tips for styling the Pob

  • Use a texturizing shampoo and conditioner in the shower.
  • Towel dry your hair and work in a small amount of anti-frizz balm and a dollop of volumizing mousse through your hair.
  • Using your hair dryer and a round brush, smooth hair towards your face, boosting more movement in your hair.
  • To style a cowlick, try blasting the heat on the unruly piece of hair first in one direction, then in the next direction, and after repeating a few times, the hair should sit the way you want.
  • Once dry, use a bit of pomade or wax to spike up the shorter pieces and seperate longer strands. Use a small amount and rub between your hands to get the product soft, warm and pliable.
  • When your hair is styled, finish off with a touch of glossy shine serum and a spritz of finishing spray. Throughout the day you can touch and fluff up your hair.
  • Shorter styles usually require a bit more maintenance than longer ones. You�ll need to get regular trims every 4-6 weeks, and keep that color fresh as there is nowhere for roots to hide.
  • You won�t need to wash your hair everyday as choppier styles usually hold up well with slightly dirty hair.

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New Concept Wedding Hair Style

The wedding day is a special day in the lives of all women where you fret over the perfect dress, make up and hair style for the occasion. Here are some pointers that have to be kept in mind while choosing the perfect hairstyle for the special occasion.

Most brides make the mistake of loosing their personal identity when making hair and fashion choices for the wedding day. The most important thing to remember is to make sure you like what you choose for the wedding day. The first thing you have to do is discuss your wedding hairstyle with your stylist, perhaps some months prior to the big day. This is because some brides may need to grow their hair or to work towards a new hair color to achieve their perfect wedding hair style.

However, just because most of the bridal magazines picture brides with flowing tresses, it doesn�t mean you have to emulate this. If you have short hair, you needn�t grow your hair for the wedding if you are not up to it. Remember, the bride with a flair for the dramatic with a strong personality carries off pretty much anything.

The most important thing to remember when choosing your wedding hair style is the line, density and texture of your gown. Make the dress match the line of the hair. For example, a bunch of curls piled on top of the head complements a long and slim gown. And if you are wearing a flowing tulle gown, then flowing hair with soft curls is just right. After choosing the right wedding hairs style, try the hairstyle out well in advance to the wedding day. Perhaps the hairstyle will not look as good as you had imagined; you�ll then be glad you had found out this before the big day! Then try walking around with this hairstyle for several hours to make sure it�s comfortable as you wouldn�t want to have hair pins hurting you and ruining your wedding day!

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Short Hairstyles for Girls

Short Hairstyles

Short Hairstyles

Short Hairstyles

Short Hairstyles

Short Hairstyles

Short hairstyles for girls are increasing their popularity due to the new haircuts developed by hairstylists and the current trends. It is absolutely amazing to observe the transformations the world has gone through as short hairstyles were not too long ago considered hairstyles appropriate for men only while women wore their tresses medium length or long. Nowadays men go for longer hairstyles and women opt for shorter ones, underlining that when it comes to hairstyles anything is possible.
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wedding hairstyles uk

wedding hairstyles uk. Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair; bridal hairstyles for long hair.
  • Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair; bridal hairstyles for long hair.

  • wedding hairstyles uk. wedding hairstyles half up half down
  • wedding hairstyles half up half down

  • wedding hairstyles uk. prom hairstyles downdos. Wedding Hairstyle Pictures
  • prom hairstyles downdos. Wedding Hairstyle Pictures

  • wedding hairstyles uk. Wedding Hairstyles That Can Make Your Special Day
  • Wedding Hairstyles That Can Make Your Special Day

  • wedding hairstyles uk. Wedding Hairstyles from Which to Take Inspiration
  • Wedding Hairstyles from Which to Take Inspiration

  • wedding hairstyles uk. After a bride chooses her dress, the next choice is wedding hairstyle.
  • After a bride chooses her dress, the next choice is wedding hairstyle.

  • wedding hairstyles uk. bridesmaids hairstyles uk. How to Find Great Wedding Day Hairstyles (Brides,
  • bridesmaids hairstyles uk. How to Find Great Wedding Day Hairstyles (Brides,

  • wedding hairstyles uk. Short Wedding Hairstyles
  • Short Wedding Hairstyles

  • wedding hairstyles uk. Photos via Bridal Hairstyles UK Do-It-Yourself: How to Dye Your Wedding
  • Photos via Bridal Hairstyles UK Do-It-Yourself: How to Dye Your Wedding

  • wedding hairstyles uk. Long Wedding Hairstyles
  • Long Wedding Hairstyles
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    Toddler Roll Headband

    This is one of the fast and easy hairstyles.  Take her hair from one ear we started on the right side and rolled across the top of her head and secured the end with an elastic.
    Then I made ringlets with the flat iron and added a flower for accessories.

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    Reader Mail: Tips for Growing Out Nape Hair?

    Bottom 1" of nape (1/2010)
    Bottom 2" of nape (1/2010)

    A reader asked:
    "I'm having trouble getting my nape to grow out. Years of wearing ponytails has taken it's toll. What should I do?"

    Firstly, you are not alone.  Regardless of the length of my hair throughout my hair journey, I have always had a "weak spot," usually my nape and temple area. Here are some suggestions to get the nape area back on track:
    • If you relax your hair, then relax your nape last so it gets the least amount of processing time,  
    • Take care to not over brush your nape,
    • If you wear your hair down, you can even do a horizontal braid to your nape only which will protect it from being rubbed against your clothes,  
    • Moisturize and seal your nape more heavily than the rest of your hair,
    • Avoid "washing" your nape hair each time you shower,
    • When you cover your hair at night, make sure your nape is completely covered. If your nape is exposed it will rub against your pillowcase while you sleep.
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    Long Layered Hairstyle Photo Gallery

    Beach Bunny Swimwear - MBFW Spring 09 - Front Row
    (L-R) Models Karissa Shannon, Kristina Shannon and Laura Beth pose in the front row at the Beach Bunny Swimwear Spring 2009 fashion show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week held at Smashbox Studios on October 13, 2008 in Culver City, California. (Getty Images)more pics TIFANY & CO Store Opening in Madrid
    Model Elle Macpherson attends Tiffany & Co. Store Opening on October 28, 2008 in Madrid, Spain. (Getty Images)more pics

    La Senza - Store Launch At Westfield Shopping Mall
    Face of La Senza, Danielle Bux poses for photographs at the official opening of La Senza in Westfield Shopping Mall on 30th October, 2008 in London, (Getty Images)more pics
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    Fairy Tale Wedding Hairstyles

    Fairy tale wedding gowns require nothing less than a hairstyle and hair accessories fit for a princess. Look the part on your wedding day with these do-it-yourself fairy tale wedding hairstyles.

    fairy tale wedding hairdos 1

    This simple yet elegant do is a perfect example of how less-is-more can make you achieve great style. Part your hair in the center and back-comb the hair on the crown of your head for volume. Finish the look with a glittering structured headband and hairspray.

    fairy tale wedding hairdos 2

    If your luscious locks are already long and curly, don�t hide them with an updo. Keep your cascading curls down and adorn with a pearl headpiece. This hairstyle looks perfect on a strapless wedding gown with beading that matches the headpiece.

    fairy tale wedding hairdos 3

    Tiaras exude class and timeless sophistication. Curl your hair with a curling iron and draw them back from your face in an updo. Finish the look with a floral tiara. This hairstyle looks best with an empire bodice or a romantic A-line wedding gown.

    fairy tale wedding hairdos 4

    This vintage updo stays regal with a small tiara tucked in the front. This hairstyle can be worn with either a layered ball gown or a simple column spaghetti-strap dress.

    fairy tale wedding hairdos 5

    You can achieve this classic, romantic look even if you have short hair. Set them into large curls and comb back your bangs with a bejeweled tiara.

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