Obama Declines Hannah Montana Offer For His Daughters

November 12, 2008
Barack Obama is putting his foot down on the Hannah Montana offer that was on the table for his daughters Melia and Sasha. Although Billy Ray announced that it�ll probably happen, the soon-to-be first daughters have other things they need to focus on. An Obama aide tells the New York Daily News, "It�s a generous invitation, but they simply aren�t going to be making decisions of that kind right now." Explaining his decision to keep his daughters out of the limelight, Obama told U.S. TV show Good Morning America, "Generally, what makes them so charming is the fact that they�re not spending a lot of time worrying about TV cameras or politics, and we want to keep it that way." We think that�s a pretty smart idea! If offers are already on the table, imagine what�s coming!

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Emo and Scene Kids Part II

emo scene hair

YES, the major difference between emos and scenesters are their attitude. But I don't believe all 'scene kids' have an original personality, as you say 'dont follow the personality'. Yea, they dont follow the emo personality. But they still have one they mostly all have.. they think highly of themselves.

Another difference is, emos are generally natured to black. Scene kids love colors. Rainbows, neon colors..anything and everything!(Although I see emos starting to like rainbows now..xD)

Another thing is the 'obsessions'. Emos love, mostly Jack Skellington, and such things as that. While Scene kids are more into the look of say, Sanrio characters, like Hello Kitty. And also, Gloomy Bear is a big thing for them.

While emos and scenes are close to each other, I think the difference is more than what it seems. It isnt just the personality, but the style too. The common thing shared among them is probably the hair. But scene hair is most definately BIGGER.xD

You should be able to tell the difference, on the spot, from an emo or a scene kid. Guys are harder to distinguish than girls most of the time. But see a guy with a lot of confidence and he seems like hed have a big mouth on him, wearing bright colors, and big sun glasses..I think its safe to assume hes 'scene'. While a guy wearing mostly black, quiet in the corner, walking slowly..well, thats emo. But even if an emo doesnt follow the personality, you can still tell them apart by the overall style.

By: Stephie
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'High School Musical' Continues Dancing Across Australia

Once again, High School Musical stars Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale took their Senior Year trip to Australia.

Busting out yet another bout of fabulous formalwear, the kids walked the red carpet for the Melbourne premiere of HSM3: Senior Year.

They must be so dizzy from walking so many red carpets around the world. One of them should be wearing a pedometer to keep track of the mileage they've logged around the world.

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