Miley Cyrus kisses off Hannah Montana

After growing up in the spotlight of Hannah Montana, Miley Cyrus is preparing to say goodbye to the Disney sitcom that made her famous � and she's not even remotely as upset about it as her millions of 'tween fans. In fact, Cyrus told Parade magazine she can't wait for Hannah Montana to finally come to an end.

"What I am sure about is I'm going to rejoice and be happy to finally not have to be . . . well, to not be somebody I'm not, exactly," Cyrus said in the latest issue, on newsstands Sunday. "I hate being thought of as a product. I am not a doll, and people want to treat me that way.

The 17-year-old also told the mag that her aspirations have changed since she first auditioned for Hannah.

"When I was 12, I thought, 'I want to be famous all the time! I want everybody to recognize me!' " she said. "(But) as I've grown into it, I've grown out of it."
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26th 2010 Freida Pinto to play a Greek priestess in the war of the Gods

The movie deals with the story of a young warrior Theseus who leads his men into battle with the immortal Greek gods to defeat evil and the powerful elder gods of the Titans in order to save mankind. Freida here plays Phaedra, an oracle priestess joins Theseus to prevent the cataclysmic war from erupting.

Freida Pinto�s role as Latika in Danny Boyle�s multi-Oscar-winning film �Slumdog Millionaire� has done wonders for Freida Pinto�s career who is now getting fame, recognition and plum roles in Hollywood projects.
She has already completed shooting Woody Allen�s �You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger� opposite Josh Brolin and Naomi Watts, and Israeli film �Miral� under Julian Schnabel� direction where she plays the lead role.
Now, she has bagged in yet another project where she will play the role of a Greek priestess in War of the Gods. The film, about the Greek mythology, will be directed by Tarsem Singh and begins production in April. The film will be produced by Gianni Nunnari of Hollywood Gang Prods, Mark Canton of Atmosphere Entertainment and Relativity topper Ryan Kavanaugh.

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Lacey Brown Hairstyle

Credit: Michael Becker/FOX

Lacey Brown, I love the look, soulfoul voice, she's cute and I love her hair too.
Her rendition of "What a Wonderful World" from Hollywood round was great and very endearing and what a great attitude about not getting through last year. I really liked Megan Joy (who got thru instead of her) but Megan didn't quite deliver although she was good. I'm glad Lacey was given another chance this week. Some people say her hairstyle is called "The Suspicious Duchess".

Must Watch - What A Wonderful World

Lacey Brown - Somewhere Over the Rainbow Audition

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Sachin Tendulkar become the king of ODI Cricket : Make Double hundered against South Africa

World Record Sachin Hit double century in ODI | Sachin 200 Runs against south africa | Sachin Tendulkar hit double century in ODI | Sachin Tendulkar hit double century in ODI Videos
Batsmen Runs Balls 4s 6s
Sachin Tendulkar 200 147 25 3

Post your wishes to SACHIN��.
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Cool Emo Boys Hairstyles 2008 Winter

Here are some hot emo boys' emo pictures

Hot emo boys

Hot emo boys

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fashion emo boy

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am i emo????

Hot emo boys

fashion emo guys

YHot emo boys

just emo. so sexy this emo boys! especially his hairstyle!
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Curly hairstyles
Curly Hairstyle PictureCurly hairstyles are a creative challenge for most stylists. Women with straight hair often try to emulate them, but the woman with natural curls may envy her friends with straight hair when she has difficulty finding a stylist who knows how to bring out the best in her hair.

Difficulties with naturally curly hairstyles include getting the curls to grow in the right direction, controlling frizz, adding shine and keeping the hair in good condition, which is why curly-haired women should head straight for an expert in curly hair.
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medium Curly
sunshine Curly Hairstyles for blonde hair
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Curly Hairstyles
One of the problems that most women have with curls being styled into the hair is the fact that the curls are temporary and often remain in the hair for such a short period of time leaving a lot to be desired in the style that has been chosen for the special event. This is one of the most frustrating things that can happen when it comes to hairstyles but many people are unaware that there are techniques which can be used within the hair to ensure that all of the curls stay where they belong within the hairstyle, regardless of the thickness or length of the natural hair.
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Short Curly
To look its best, curly hair needs vitamins, proteins, minerals, all the elements you receive from a healthy, balanced diet.If you treat it well, giving it the few basic things it needs and leaving it free to develop its own style, your hair, curly and grateful, will give you the happiest, healthiest hair you could ever wish.
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Wavy and Curly
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Create Curly Hair
There are many people that envy the body and waves that come with curly hair. Curly hair styles encompass a natural bounce that can be used to create a myriad of styles, or worn down. Although curly hair styles may require additional work, they are worth the time that is put into creating these signature styles.
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short hairstyles
Curiously watching Maria Ozawa noticed three elegant, beautiful, single women with cute, short, curly hairstyles for women who know how good it feels to have one of the easy, short hairstyles for curly hair. Maria guessed the three talking single women being fashion models, because of their snow white teeth which appeared to be fluoridated by a professional teeth whitening gel for cosmetic dental care.
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Hairstyles - Long
long, curly, wavy hair in a half up, half down style. Eva's hair is boosted high above the forehead and kept flat on the sides, tucking in and gathered behind the ears.
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Curly Prom
Prom is one of the most important parts of a young girl’s life. Aside from the dress, the hairstyle that is created for prom will be remembered for years to come through photographs, memories and videos. Styling curly hair for proms can be difficult, especially if you are unsure about where to begin. Here are some methods that you can use to create a curly prom hairstyle that you will love – for years to come.
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Selena Gomez Weighs In On Miley Cyrus' Exit From 'Hannah Montana': 'She's Ready For Other Things'

Last month, Miley Cyrus broke the devastating news that she�d be leaving her Disney character, Hannah Montana, in the dust to pursue new, loftier goals in her acting career. MTV News caught up with her fellow Disney colleague Selena Gomez, who weighed in on Miley�s decision.
"I think that she's growing with the show, and I think it's such a great platform for her," Selena said, adding that she has yet to get the dish from Miley about what�s next for her. "And she's lived up to it as wonderfully as she could, and I think she continues to carry it, but she's ready for other things."

So, what�s next for Miley? The future is uncertain, but it�s clear that she�ll probably be moving in a more mature direction. "Everything is so dramatic in the world," Miley told Harper's Bazaar.

"My job is to be a role model, and that's what I want to do, but my job isn't to be a parent. My job isn't to tell your kids how to act or how not to act, because I'm still figuring that out for myself. So to take that away from me is a bit selfish. Your kids are going to make mistakes whether I do or not. That's just life."

Although Miley is moving on, Selena is pretty content with her current role on her Disney show, "Wizards of Waverly Place." "'Wizards' is getting much more mature in terms of our comedy, [but] we are still keeping the youthfulness of our characters," she said. "I just feel like we're all kind of growing, so the characters are evolving."
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Look Pretty In Print Like High School Musical Star Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens has a lot to smile about with her new film role in Beastly seeing her named The Star of Tomorrow by American Cinemas- but its her style that has given us a spot of the green-eye.

The stylish star is bang on trend in this bold floral print dress but she doesn't stop there teaming it with a pair of suede thigh high boots- top marks.
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Emily Osment �Clap Your Hands� Tour Spring 2010

Emily Osment took to Twitter to alert fans that she will be touring this Spring. Her �Clap Your Hands� tour begins on March 7th and goes until May 2nd. Emily Tweeted:

�I will be announcing some GIANT news very soon�.�

�Time to get up, and get rowdy! My spring �Clap Your Hands� tour is coming to a city near you. All info at PARTY!�

here are Emily�s tour dates
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Emily is Holiday Concert Cute

All the Way Up singer Emily Osment was all smiles last night (December 13) as she and good pal Savannah Outen rocked the CityRockin� Holiday Concert. Emily looked cute in the chilly weather in a nice black coat, along with a matching knit hat.
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Abig kiss to Vanessa Hudgens!

Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens were spotted out and about in Sydney Australia today (February 16).

Zac plants a big kiss on girlfriend Vanessa after receiving some short lived attention from girls in the North Bondi Italian Restaurant in Sydney.
The �High School Musical� stars were flown Down Under by Oakley sunglasses to raise awareness for their OneSight Foundation�s Learn-To-Surf programme.
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Vanessa Hudgens In Minor Accident

Vanessa Hudgens suffered a vehicular setback on Wednesday after the front tire of her car blew out and the front wing of her car was slightly smashed in.

The High School Musical star pulled into the parking lot of a West Hollywood supermarket to survey the damage. A Triple A car recovery serviceman soon joined her outside Bristol Farms to take a look at the car.

The actress looked a little shaken as she made calls and sorted out the situation.

Soon after, an embarrassed Hudgens made her exit before the service worker finished the job. She hid her face as she ran down the street to meet a friend who promptly drove her away from the scene.
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Monster trucks or Hannah Montana?

Let's hope it's not too late to get rid of those tickets. But at least you're trying. Listening to your wife's plea for more family time is a smart move. Too many people don't pick up on the warning signs, and wind up in a relationship tailspin from which there's no recovery. When given a clear indication that you need to pay more attention to your family, it's a good idea to take action. You may not get another opportunity.

Another thing. Why are you two spending so much time at work? To buy a third TV, or a second boat? What's more important to you -- money or a sense of family?
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Disney launch new Hannah Montana themed online contest

The Walt Disney Company UK�s Disney Channel is launching a new online initiative for Hannah Montana fans called Hannah Montana � Lights, Camera, Action! The new online contest, which will launch in the UK from 1 March, and aims to create a local initiative to engage kids and complement its global show.

The contest will invite Disney Channel viewers aged between 6 and 15 to enter a video of themselves re-enacting one of eight pre-selected scenes from Hannah Montana. The entries, which can be a solo or group performance, will be whittled down to a shortlist of ten finalists, which will then be uploaded online.

Disney Channel viewers will have two weeks to vote for their favourite scene re-enactment, and the winner(s) will get to spend a �day in the life of Hannah Montana�, which includes an acting lesson, an overnight stay in a London hotel, being chauffeured around in a limousine and the opportunity to walk the red carpet at a Disney premiere.
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Michelle Obama, Hannah Montana fight US child obesity

WASHINGTON � First Lady Michelle Obama on Tuesday harnessed iconic media groups and stars as she launched an ambitious program to end the epidemic of childhood obesity, which affects one in three US children.

"We're working with the Walt Disney Company, NBC Universal and Viacom to launch a nationwide public awareness campaign, educating parents and children about how to fight childhood obesity," Obama said at the launch of the "Let's Move" campaign.

The first lady described the problem of obese American youth as "one of the most serious threats to the future of our children."

"Let's Move will rally our nation to achieve a single, ambitious goal: solving the problem of childhood obesity in a generation," she said at the White House.
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Miley Cyrus Gives Back With and Without Hannah Montana

What would Miley Cyrus do to help a good cause? The same thing her alter-ego Hannah Montana would do. Sing. Miley has joined forces with Mariah Carey, Leona Lewis, Rod Steward, Michael Buble, Susan Boyle, and Alexandra Burke for a remake of R.E.M.'s song Everybody Hurts, which will benefit Haiti. This Disney princess reigns supreme when it comes to helping out. In addition to her contribution to Everybody Hurts, Miley has teamed up with some other famous celebs for an eBay auction event that will also benefit Haiti.

Miley will auction off the dress she wore to the Grammy Awards, along with two tickets to the premier of her new movie The Last Song. The auction runs through February 18th, and you can bid on Miley's Herve Leger dress and much more.
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'Hannah Montana' tops list of Kids Choice Awards

16 February, 2010 - 13:24:14

Miley Cyrus has been nominated for four Kids Choice Awards.

The �Hannah Montana� star has topped the list of nominees for the forthcoming ceremony � which takes place on March 27 � after receiving nods for Favourite Singer, Favourite TV Actress and Favourite Movie Actress, as well as Favourite Song for her track �Party in the USA�.

In both music categories she faces competition from Lady Gaga � whose single �Paparazzi� made the Favourite Song list � and Taylor Swift, whose track �You Belong with Me� was given a nomination.

Black Eyed Peas are also up for two awards, Favourite Single for �I Gotta Feeling� and Favourite Group.

Actor and comedian Kevin James will host this year's awards, which take place at Los Angeles� Edwin W. Pauley Pavilion and can barely his excitement.

The 44-year-old star joked: "In short, I guess you could say hosting the Kids' Choice Awards completes me!"

However, there may be a little more pressure than expected for the host � as this year's show comes with the addition of presidential nominees.

President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama have been nominated for their first Kids' Choice Award in the newly formed category � 'Cutest Couple'.

They're up against fictional characters Edward and Bella and Jacob and Bella from 'The Twilight Saga: New Moon' and Neytiri and Jake from 'Avatar'.

Also up for awards are Beyonce Knowles, the Jonas Brothers and Zac Efron.

From February 25, viewers will be able to cast their votes in 19 categories on Nickelodeon's website.

Full list click here
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Emo Myspace Backgrounds Wallpapers

emo myspace backgrounds
myspace backgrounds

emo myspace backgrounds
emo myspace backgrounds

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fashion short hair

It will be summer soon, and the weather becoming hotter now. if you want to get a new haircut, it's time to choose a good
victoria beckham hair short summer bob hairstyle
short summer hairstyle 2010
Hair style pictures with short hair cut that looks sensational with an oval-shaped face can make a round face look enormous, so make sure the style you select flatters your face. Flip through hair cut galleries and check out short hair styles of women with face shapes similar to yours, to get a good idea of how they'll look on you.
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