Perfect Bridal Hairstyles

By: Andrea Simpson

Having problems deciding on a hairstyle?

Choosing the right hairstyle for your dream wedding day isn't rocket science, so why is it difficult? You want to look like you like a princess, but you need a little bit of help and here we've outlined all you need to know for that dream bridal hairstyle.

Look for hairstyle ideas

The easiest way is to start collecting pictures from magazines and nowadays you can find some great hair style resources on the Internet. And be realistic - is the length, thickness etc of your hair really suitable for the style you have your heart set on? Bring along lots of pictures to your hairstylist and ask here for advice on at least 3 different styles and then let her try each one out.

Hair up or Hair Down?

Try to select a hairstyle that suits your face shape - for example round faces tend to suit high "updo's" and sleek long styles while those with long faces suit hairstyles that have more width and volume. Would you be comfortable with all of your hair swept away from your face? You need to consider having some hair both up and down, or just leaving some wispy bits around your face to soften the look. If you have an off-the-shoulder or low cut dress will you feel comfortable with some flesh exposed?

Straight or Curly

Once you have made a decision to wear you hair up or down, your possibilities are endless. Curls are romantic and soft, as are twists, pleats, plaits and variations to the bun. Or maybe you prefer a more contemporary twists and spikes. Try to reflect your own personality in your bridal hairdo, but don't be a fashion victim.

Tiara's and Veils

These need to compliment your bridal hairstyle but not hide it. If you have chosen a large floor-length veil, your hairstyle needs to be strong enough to hold its shape until you take the veil off. Some veils look a lot better sat at the rear of your head under a bun or a mass of curls. As a general rule, the hair shouldn't be worn longer than the veil.

Jewels, beads and flowers

These are very popular as they add some sparkle and colour and can match in with your colour scheme and jewellery. Pins and hairgrips with sparkling gems create a stunning effect, whilst small flowers can be scattered amongst the curls or wired to a hidden comb to flatter a French pleat.

A trial run

Always have a hairstyle trial well in advance of your wedding. Your hair may need to grow longer for your desired style, so you can always have another trial nearer to your wedding day.

Your wedding hair checklist

1. Have a trial run with your hairstylist as soon as your wedding date is finalised. And if possible, take along a small selection of dress photos, and any hair accessories you plan to wear.

2. Find out if your hair needs to be grown longer, and improve your hair condition with quality conditioning treatments, and maybe even change the colour.

3. Never shampoo your hair or use conditioning treatments on your wedding day.

4. Just take it easy and relax.

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New Updo Hairstyles For You

By: Stuart Simpson

Do you need a new hairstyle? If you have long hair, it is easy to get into the ponytail rut. Just put it up and go. But long hair offers a lot of hairstyle options if you are going to the prom, having senior pictures or bridal pictures made, going to a wedding, or just needing an updo for a formal party. You do need to know some basics of hair care before getting started with long hairstyles though. Knowing the best way to shampoo, comb, brush, and dry your hair and the tools to use can give you a head start in your hairstyle.

First, shampooing long hair is best done standing up, preferably in the shower. This helps reduce matting and tangling. You should choose a shampoo that fits your hair�s needs. For instance, chemically treated or damaged hair should be treated with a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. Only apply shampoo to the scalp and then rub in circular motions to clean the scalp thoroughly. When you rinse, work the shampoo through the ends of your hair and this will also help with less tangles. Your goal is to clean your scalp, so it is not necessary to rub shampoo into the ends of your hair. Use several towels to blot your hair dry. Never rub wet hair because this is a major cause of matting and tangling.

Second, combing and brushing long hair can be difficult if you do not use the proper tools and technique. To make combing wet hair easier, start with a leave-in conditioner. Using a large tooth bone comb, start at the ends and work up a little, about an inch at a time, getting the tangles out. If you are working with dry hair, a large paddle brush works best. Again always start at the bottom and slowly work up to the scalp. When blow drying long hair, use your fingers to comb through the hair from scalp to ends while drying.

Third, you need a few hair tools on hand to make the perfect hairdo. They include a large comb, square paddle brush, bobby pins, hairpins, and elastic bands. The best elastic bands to use are covered with some type of material. You might not have known there is a difference in bobby pins and hairpins, but using them correctly will help your hairstyle. Bobby pins touch in the middle and are designed to hold the weight of your hair. Hairpins are made to hold hair in place that has already been secured with bobby pins. You can make curls and then spread them and hold them in place with hairpins.

There are lots of great hairstyles you can choose once you have mastered the basics and have your hair clean and ready. Braids and updos are perfect hairstyles for proms, senior pictures, bridal pictures, weddings, and formal functions. Many hairstyle professionals can style your clean dry hair in an updo in about 15 minutes. Having long hair doesn�t have to mean always wearing a ponytail. Talk with your hairstyle professional about some of the many hairdos that would work for you.

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Vanessa Hudgens and Miley Cyrus

Z&C join Cory ('in the House') and Hannah Montana's Miley for...

Imagine the same shooting star soaring over Miley, Cory, Zack and Cody. What do you think they would wish for? Wishes can be powerful, wishes can be useful, but even the best wish can go amiss. Hannah, Cory, Zack and Cody all wish their lives could be different, but no one thinks about the consequences when a shooting star lights up the night sky.

Vanessa Hudgens and Miley Cyrus mug for the cameras at the Power of Youth benefit in LA on Saturday. Who else is super excited for when these girls start hitting the club scene? They are soooo ready to start causing trouble. And we are soooo ready for some new blood around here. Thank you, Disney, for churning out generation after generation of tabloid fodder. I don�t know where we�d be without you.

hey vannessa and miley you guys rock! you know i love singing too! hey vannessa i sing like you my mom said! and you too miley! u guys are so pretty to bad you act like hoes! yall betta get yall act scrate cuz there is alot of little people who watch you and is gonna try and send naked pictuers of themselves to other little boys. p.s. if you want no clothes on get a job as a stripper baybee jay
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Hannah Montana

Hannah Montana is an American Emmy Award-nominated children's television series, which debuted on March 24, 2006 on Disney Channel. The series focuses on Miley Stewart, (played by Miley Cyrus), who lives a double life as an average teenage girl at school during the day, and a famous pop singer (Hannah Montana) at night, concealing her real identity from the public, other than her close friends and family.

The original idea for this show was based on the That's So Raven episode "Goin' Hollywood", which was supposed to be the pilot episode for a sitcom called Better Days, in which a child star of a popular TV show of the same name was to try her hand at going to a normal school. The episode "New Kid in School" has the basic premise as that afore-mentioned episode. Other names considered for the title were The Secret Life of Zoe Stewart (discarded as too similar to Zoey 101 on Nickelodeon), The Popstar Life!, and Alexis Texas. Former American Juniors finalist Jordan McCoy and pop and R&B singer JoJo (who rejected the role) were considered for the role of Zoe Stewart. Miley Cyrus originally auditioned for the role of the "best friend" Lilly Romero, later changed to Lilly Truscott, but they thought she would be better for the main character, so she tried out for Zoe Stewart/Hannah Montana. Zoe Stewart was later changed to Chloe Stewart, which was eventually changed to Miley when she got the part. The names of Hannah Montana were changed a few times. Three of the previous names were Anna Cabana, Samantha York, and Alexis Texas.

In December 2006, Disney announced plans to release Hannah Montana products, including clothing, jewelery, apparel, and dolls, at select stores. Play Along Toys released the Hannah Montana fashion dolls, singing dolls and Miley Stewart doll, and other merchandise in August 2007. More Hannah dolls were released in November, along with Oliver and Lilly dolls. They became one of the most popular Christmas toys in 2007. Hannah Montana is signed for at least one more season according to Disney Channel. Filming for the second season started in December. The new season started in April, 2007, in which she is in high school. As stated by Jason Earles at the launch of the High School Musical 2 Extended Edition DVD, filming of the second season has finished.

In addition to the high ratings of the TV series, concerts for Hannah Montana have also been exceedingly popular. Tickets for every concert sell out, with some later being scalped for thousands of dollars. The shows attract much attention, with an example being the attendance of Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich who later admitted to having watched every episode.


There's quite a price to pay when one becomes a celebrity at such a tender age. Today's biggest teen stars have to sacrifice leading their normal lives in exchange for all the publicity and hard work they have to go through just to get recognized. Such is the case for Emily Osment, who appears on Disney's hit series, Hannah Montana. She expressed that her efforts of achieving a sense of normalcy in her life were much in vain, as this year she had to leave the school she has been attending up until her ninth grade. This was due to the very busy schedule she has with the show, thus she and her co-stars now receive private tutoring on the set.

Osment admitted to the New York Times that being a celebrity does entail a lot of hard work, adding that "It's hard to manage."

The 15-year-old actress became a familiar face after her ongoing stint with Hannah Montana, where she plays Lilly Truscott, Miley Stewart/Hannah Montana's (Miley Cyrus) best friend. This isn't her first major acting gig as she had already debuted in 1999. However, it was Hannah Montana that led her to where she is right now. Of course, fame has a price to pay, and Osment, like any other teen idol, must deal with the pressures of the press and the rest of the web blogger population.

The sister of Oscar-nominated actor Haley Joel Osment (The Sixth Sense), Emily Osment revealed that she was disappointed to see that "hundreds" of bloggers are posing in her name, and is not happy when fans take pictures of her walking in the street in her gym clothes.

Despite all these, the young actress is grateful for the opportunity that Disney gave her in Hannah Montana.

"Disney definitely sets up a fan base for you," she admits. "That's the biggest thing."

Her father and manager Michael Eugene Osment also says that he is doing everything he can to keep his daughter grounded as she grows up in the limelight.

"We do our best to try to be an average American family," he said of his children and wife, Theresa, who is a teacher. "When we come home from work we do everything from doing the dishes after dinner to cleaning up dog poop in the yard."

For more resources about Hannah Montana Actress Gives Up Quest for Normalcy or for the full story of Hannah Montana please review this link

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Summer Hair Style Trends

By Lance Winslow

Let's face it hair styles come and go as fast as the weather changes. And did you know that one of the most popular 2006 summer hair styles is the trendy hurricane hair styles. Why are hurricane hairstyles in?

Well, it appears that those people who have their hair out of place, but in place at all times show a sense of individualism and above the norm. In other words it is not relevant to what you think about their hair, because they are who they are and anyone who can get away with a haircut like that is obviously somewhat important and they do not care what you think because of their social status.

Apparently this is driving many movie stars, actresses and people on contest reality TV shows to go for the hurricane hair style trends. So if you're thinking of a certain hairstyle this summer to wear to be trendy you might consider the hurricane look. Additionally, you would be well advised to look at a few other trends that are happening during the 2006 summer season.

If you will pick up the People's magazine you'll see there are several other very popular haircuts that both men and women are into. And you may be surprised how easy these haircuts are and how easy it will be for you to modify your haircut and your personality for around $50.

Everyone knows that the proper hairstyle can help you with the opposite sex, in a sales career or in your work. It makes sense to spend extra money to look appropriately to attract others by way of a personal best first impression. Considers the 2006.

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'Hannah Montana' Film In Development

Miley Cyrus, who is better known to fans as Hannah Montana, was recently recognized as the youngest artist to have two chart-topping albums in a year. Her remarkable success doesn't end there as the 14 year old singer and television actress is currently under preparation for her entrance to the big screen.

On Sunday, Cyrus attended the Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix premiere, and there, she told MTV News that a film adaptation of the successful Disney hit series is currently in its planning stage.

Miley Cyrus, who plays Miley Stewart or Hannah Montana on the Disney hit show, also said that her father and co-star Billy Ray Cyrus is set to be the producer of the film.

""He's never done anything like this before, but my dad is ready to take on new challenges," she said.

The writers are currently working on the script, and they welcome Cyrus' ideas for the upcoming project. So far the best thing she has contributed was the idea of her going back to her hometown of Nashville, Tennessee.

"The best idea is that I miss home," said Miley Cyrus. "So if we could maybe film in Nashville and everyone could see our house and where we live, that we have a farm, that would be really exciting."

The Hannah Montana series is taped at Tribune Studios in Hollywood, Los Angeles, thus Cyrus spends most of her time away from home. She would usually spend around 8.5 hours a day working on the set, and the hours will get longer once she becomes a legal adult.

Details about the Hannah Montana film have not yet been released although Billy Ray Cyrus revealed a few general details about the script with MTV. "There'll be a lot of similarities [to the show], and the fact that Miley is so real, her music is real, we'll keep a lot of that realism," said the 45 year old country artist. "But I think we'll go a little further with the comedy. And it's going to be on the big screen, so we'll try to make everything look bigger."

For more resources about Hannah Montana or for the full story of 'Hannah Montana' Film In Development please review this link

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Hannah Montana mania
Hannah Montana News - Dallas Morning News, TX - Nov 9, 2007
The singer-dancer-actress' Disney Channel series, Hannah Montana, is the No. 1 show for kids and tweens on basic cable; her latest CD, released in July, ...
Pssst ... ticket for Hannah
Hannah Montana News - AFP - Nov 8, 2007
WASHINGTON (AFP) ? An Internet ticket site was Thursday offering tickets to see a show on the sold-out US tour of children's television idol Hannah Montana ...
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In Hannah Montana: Music Jam on the Nintendo DS, girls are transported into the exciting and sometimes crazy world of Miley Stewart and her alter ego Hannah ...
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If you've been following our gleeful/aghast coverage of the Hannah Montana ticket implosion, this USA Today story will be old news, but hidden at the end is ...
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By Marian Liu Still holding parents' hands, they made their way to watch the Jonas Brothers and Hannah Montana at KeyArena, stalling traffic along the way. ...
Locklear Teams With Miley Cyrus
Hannah Montana News - National Ledger, AZ - Nov 6, 2007
... "Rules of Engagement" and now she is set to wow the young viewers of the Disney hit show Hannah Montana and star with Miley Cyrus and her dad Billy Ray. ...
Shields' Daughter Jealous of Hannah Montana
Hannah Montana News - San Francisco Chronicle, USA - Oct 30, 2007
... Ramson Brooke Shields and Miley Cyrus were left stunned when Shields' young daughter berated them during filming for the TV show "Hannah Montana. ...
Rodeo to bring back Hannah Montana
Hannah Montana News - KHOU, TX - Nov 5, 2007
By Michelle Homer / After drawing a record rodeo crowd in 2007, RodeoHouston has invited Hannah Montana back for the 2008 show. ...
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Hannah Montana aka Miley Cyrus: Is she a fake?
Hannah Montana News - Product Reviews, UK - 1 hour ago
It has been reported that during the Best Of Both Worlds Tour when the Jonas brothers and Miley Cyrus aka Hannah Montana sung we got the party (with us)? ...

Hannah Montana Suit Something to Talk About
Hannah Montana News - E! Online - Jan 4, 2008
by Natalie Finn Hannah Montana fans are getting the best of both worlds, leaving the less entertaining aspects to the show's lawyers and publicists. ...

'Hannah Montana' Helps The Jonas Brothers Become Superstars
Hannah Montana News - BuddyTV - 10 hours ago
Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus was recently featured in Forbes magazine as one of the top earners under 25 in 2007. She has a hit show, tour, music career ...

Hannah Montana fans don't give up very easily
Hannah Montana News - Pittsburgh Post Gazette, PA - Jan 4, 2008
Last night's sold-out Hannah Montana concert -- featuring 15-year-old Miley Cyrus in the title role -- brought youngsters out by the thousands. ...

"Hannah Montana Tix Moms": Bad Role Models
Hannah Montana News - CBS News, NY - Jan 2, 2008
... a concert by Miley Cyrus, better-known as Hannah Montana, by having the girl lie in an essay-writing contest and claim help her father had died in Iraq. ...

The Jonas Bonus
Hannah Montana News - Washington Post, United States - Jan 5, 2008
The 15-year-old from Leesburg gets to see Hannah Montana and the Jonas Brothers on Tuesday at 1st Mariner Arena in Baltimore. "They're really upbeat and fun ...

Hannah Montana fans go wild!
Hannah Montana News - Canton Repository (subscription), OH - Jan 3, 2008
Every single day after the Hannah Montana?s Cleveland concert sold out in the bat of an eyelash, Wilson and her friend, Shannon Kennedy, ...

Hannah Montana concert mania peaks in Cleveland
Hannah Montana News - WKYC-TV, OH - Jan 3, 2008
Her TV character, Hannah Montana, has become an adolescent icon. Her concert tour was sold out in about four minutes. It seems every adolescent knows the ...

Mother Goes Too Far For Hannah Montana Tix
Hannah Montana News - ABC News - Dec 31, 2007
One Texas mother lied about her spouse dying in Iraq in order to secure free tickets for a sold-out Hannah Montana concert. (AP Photo/ABC) A mother who ...

Z&C join Cory ('in the House') and Hannah Montana's Miley for...

Imagine the same shooting star soaring over Miley, Cory, Zack and Cody. What do you think they would wish for? Wishes can be powerful, wishes can be useful, but even the best wish can go amiss. Hannah, Cory, Zack and Cody all wish their lives could be different, but no one thinks about the consequences when a shooting star lights up the

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Wisconsin Teen's 'Hannah Montana' Wish Comes

September 1, 2007
It has been a tough year for 13-year-old Karli Hintz and her family. In the middle of her eighth grade year this past April, Hintz was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Growing up, she loved singing Hannah Montana songs and even played the piano and oboe. It has become increasingly difficult for her to do those things since her illness has cost her mobility on the left side of her body. Yet, Hintz received some news recently that lifted her spirits.

The Waukesha County Deputy Sheriff's Association and the Make-A-Wish Foundation came together to help Hintz meet her idol, Miley Cyrus. The Sheriff's Association will hold a fundraiser this week to help Hintz get her wish. The money raised will help Hintz and her mother travel to meet Miley and her father Billy Ray Cyrus.

The event for Karli Hintz will take place Saturday, September 8 and will involve a softball tournament, volleyball tournament, and silent auction. The Waukesha County Deputy Sheriff's Association has been fundraising for 19 years and have granted a variety of wishes from trips to computers to medical supplies. Lynn Hintz, Karli's mother, admitted to being nervous applying to the Make-A-Wish Foundation but is so grateful her daughter has been chosen. "Her spirits are so high right now," she said.

Parents have praised Cyrus for being the kind of role model their children can look up to and People magazine did a cover story this year on Billy Ray raising his daughter right. She has been involved with many charitable events over the years. This October, she will attend Variety's Power of Youth, a program designed to get young Hollywood more involved as humanitarians. An auction will also take place in conjunction with the event, and proceeds will benefit St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Dakota Fanning, Hilary and Haylie Duff, Ashley Tisdale, and Raven Symone will also be in attendance.

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
Source: JS Online,, Variety
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Wish Gone Amiss on DVD!
Wish Gone Amiss on DVD! Since many fans loved Wish Gone Amiss Weekend, Disney has decided to release a Wish Gone Amiss DVD on November 27th, which features Hannah Montana, Cory In The House, and The Suite Life Of Zack and Cody!

The DVD will consist of three shows each featuring the main characters wishing upon the same shooting star! At first they love their wish, but somehow it seems to go amiss!

This DVD also includes a special feature giving hints on how to wish! "Wish I May, Wish I Might, A Guide To Making Wishes" Will be hosted by Hannah Montana's Jason Earles, who plays Jackson!
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Hannah Montana

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Hannah Montana - Lead Poisoning From Miley Cyrus!

This major problem probably won't even make the least bit of a difference in Miley's popularity among young girls and their moms. The Center for Environmental Health announced yesterday that Hannah Montana backpacks and purses made in China contain very high levels of lead. Bummer! But is our HM fanny pack in the clear?
Hannah Montana Dress Styles**

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Hannah Montana

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Hannah Montana: �ALBUM REVIEW: Miley Cyrus - Breakout�

Album Review: Hannah Montana actress Miley Cyrus, 16, releases her new album Breakout, the follow-up to her 2007 debut Hannah Montana 2: Meet Miley Cyrus. The new album features the hit �7 Things,� and �See You Again (Rock Mafia Remix),� even though we�re really big Miley fans, we don�t know how to react to her new album. The songs �Breakout,� �Full Circle,�


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Hannah Montana - �Fly On The Wall�

�Fly On The Wall,� and the remake of Cyndi Lauper�s classic �Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.� One of the big let downs with Breakout is that it focuses more on Alternative/Rock, and Meet Miley Cyrus had more Pop, and a little bit of Alternative. Songs like �The Driveway,� �Wake Up America,� �These Four Walls,� �Simple Song,� and �Goodbye,� doesn�t really show off Miley�s vocal talents. Overall, we did buy the album. It�s a pretty decent album, and is easily addicting to Miley Cyrus fans, but may be a little bit harder for her younger fans of Hannah Montana to connect and like the music.

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Hannah Montana: Steven Baldwin offers Miley Cyrus a dare - will she pay up?

The Christian bad boy (actor, author, speaker, skateboarder, 15-year-old in an adult body) met teen pop sensation Miley Cyrus and her mom at the 2007 White House Easter egg hunt, and offered her a dare: he'd get a tattoo of Hannah Montana's signature "HM" initials if she'd have him appear on her TV show.

Silly young girl. She agreed.

Click here, you will be redirect to High School Musical 2 & 3 Video clips collection
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Hannah Montana: The big question now is: will Miley pay up?

No word from Baldwin's publicist yet; they're still waiting to find out when Baldwin will make his cameo on "Hannah Montana."

You gotta love Stephen Baldwin. He's a big kid with an exuberance for everything in his life, from skating to Jesus. If you read his book, The Unusual Suspect, you know what I'm talking about. He's like the Tazmanian devil of joy. Whooosh! You stand too close and you get wrapped up in the energy. Not a bad thing.

But know this: if Stephen Baldwin offers you the dare, you can be sure he's going to follow through on his end. So you better be ready to pay up.

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Hannah Montana: No sprint to 'Dancing' finish for Maurice Greene

For having not a lot of personality (not as much as, say, Warren Sapp) and with an obvious inability to swivel his hips much (he was a world-class sprinter, hip-swiveling wasn't required), it wasn't much of a surprise to see Maurice Greene get eliminated from "Dancing with the Stars" on Tuesday night.

That leaves Warren Sapp (Super Bowl-winning Warren Sapp, the DWTS promos keep saying, as if it was Sapp all by himself who won the Super Bowl) as the only athlete left as DWTS moves into the semifinal round.


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Hannah Montana: who is famous for something

Sapp should be able to outlast the 18-year-old Cody Linley, who is famous for something (okay, he's on "Hannah Montana" but even DWTS promo writers can't attribute all the success of "Hannah Montana" to Linley because, well, that would make Miley Cyrus and her dad, Billy Ray, very unhappy as opposed to, say, any of the members of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers who watched Sapp win that Super Bowl title).

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Hannah Montana: Fare Hike Fears Hit $3 Crescendo

he MTA's scary financial situation has now given birth to a Daily News cover broadcasting a $3 fare hike possibility! Of course, it's only a possibility--that's probably why it shares space with news that the Obama daughters were invited to appear on Hannah Montana.

However, the Straphangers Campaign's Gene Russianoff tells the News if there's no state bailout, "We could be looking at the mother of all fare hikes. This whopping increase would likely be coupled with very serious service cuts. In plain English, it could be lots more out of your pocket for the joy of more crowding, longer waits and less reliable service." Yeah--even more crowding, waits, and less reliable service--chew on that!

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Hannah Montana Star Jason Earles To Sign Autographs At Sharks Game ...

WORCESTER, MA- Worcester Sharks President and CEO Michael T. Lehr has announced that Jason Earles, from the hit television show Hannah Montana, will appear and sign autographs at the Sharks game vs. the Springfield Falcons at the DCU Center on Saturday, November 15th at 7:05p.m.

"The Sharks provide family fun entertainment and by bringing in Jason Earles gives our young fans a unique opportunity to meet a character from one of their favorite television shows," said Lehr. "The initial response has been great and we are working on the possibility to have another special guest appear later this season."

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Hannah Montana

All Sharks fans 15-years-old and younger are eligible for an autograph. Everyone in attendance will have the opportunity to win a pair of tickets to the Eagles, Neil Diamond, and the Cheetah Girls for their DCU Center shows.

Earles plays Miley Stewart's (Miley Cyrus) older brother, Jackson Stewart, in the Disney Channel Original Series Hannah Montana. He guest starred twice on Phil of the Future, as Grady Spaggett, an advanced math student. Earles was in the 2006 Disney Channel Games on the Blue Team and in the 2007 and 2008 Disney Channel Games on the Red team.

Jason played a nerdy card gamer that was friends with the character Brian Miller on the sitcom Still Standing. In 2004, he appeared in the movie National Treasure as Thomas Gates, ancestor of Ben Gates (Nicolas Cage). He was the co-host of Disney Channel's Sing-Along Bowl-athon (Disney Channel's 2006 New Year's Eve special) and the corresponding online votin

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Hannah Montana Archieve

Miley Cyrus sells herself, clothes, and other items on eBay

July 22nd, 2008 - 5:47 pm ICT by ANI

Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus will be sparking off another Internet frenzy, and this time its because shes auctioning herself off on eBay. According to reports, Cyrus and her family have just started their very own charity entitled the Pappy Cyrus Family Foundation, in honour of her grandfather. Whatever is gained from the auction will be handed over to her foundation,


Disney Channel offers updates on "Hannah Montana," "Camp Rock," Jonas Brothers, Demi Lovato, "High School Musical," Disney Channel Games


What's the latest with your favorite Disney Channel programs?

I went to the man in the know: Gary Marsh, president of entertainment for Disney Channels Worldwide. The latest on a "Camp Rock" sequel: "We're starting to break stories," Marsh said. There's no timetable on when the sequel to this summer's high-rated movie would premiere. "We gotta work around everybody's incredibly busy schedules," he said. "We gotta get the script and the music right, because we won't do this until we the script and the music right."

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Miley may go nude for film

July 23, 2008 - 10:53AM

Fifteen-year-old Miley Cyrus is reportedly set to bare all in a new movie.

The Hannah Montana star - who caused controversy when she posed 'topless' for the cover of Vanity Fair magazine earlier this year - is keen to be cast as the lead character in Undiscovered Gyrl, which is based on Allison Burnett's new novel. According to website MSNBC, the movie will almost definitely include nude scenes.

A source said: "It is still early days, but Miley is really interested in the film, which follows the story of a lovable, lost suburban girl who descends into a life of reckless partying and promiscuity. If she does get the part, you will be seeing a lot more of her than you did in the Vanity Fair photos - there would definitely be nude scenes."


Miley Cyrus �Breakout� Review & Contest!

July 23, 2008 - 10:53AM

Pop Music Scene put together a review of Breakout and even has a contest!! �Miley Cyrus wanted to break away from Hannah Montana with her own debut album, Breakout and I�m happy to say she did just that�� You can also win a copy of Miley Cyrus� Breakout Album. Image Credited to

Original at Junior Celebs external link 13 hours ago

Miley Cyrus� �Hannah Montana� Making Wake-Up Calls

July 22, 2008 - LOS ANGELES, Calif. --

Fans of Disney�s �Hannah Montana� might want to think twice about screening their calls � because the �tween superstar could soon be on the other end of the ringing phone. Disney has partnered with Wal-Mart to offer free customized wake-up calls and activity reminders from Hannah Montana, Access Hollywood has learned.Fans who want the �tween star to call can log on to to sign up for a special greeting from Miley Cyrus, the star of �Hannah Montana.�

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Miley Cyrus: "I Don�t Think There Could Be a 'Next Miley'"

July 22, 2008

Following her controversial Vanity Fair cover, some pegged Disney singers Selena Gomez or Demi Lovato as two wholesome girls who could fill the teen queen's shoes. But the 15-year-old Hannah Montana star tells Extra, "I don�t think there could be a next Miley. I think they should be the next Selena, the next Demi ... [and] make their own way.� She says she takes it as a compliment that "people are looking up to what I do." Still, she says she'll always have to deal with media attention. "Instead of putting negativity to it," Cyrus says, "I'm taking the opportunity to make it a positive thing.�

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Every day, it seems, there is news about Miley Cyrus. She posed in saucy photos for a Vanity Fair spread

12:00 AM CDT on Friday, August 22, 2008

Cyrus puts positive spin on Vanity Fair scandal

Miley Cyrus has learned to live with the idea that her foibles get a lot of attention. In fact, in an interview with Billboard magazine, the 15-year-old claims the negative press has its positives, too. If nothing else, it's just another way fans can relate to her.

"I was embarrassed," the star of Disney's "Hannah Montana" said of her now-infamous shirtless shot for Vanity Fair, "but also it's like, every career thing that I do can't be perfect, and sometimes my decisions are wrong. I think that just makes me even more relatable."

The teen's certain her average fan has been-there-done-that on a smaller scale and is bound to understand what she's been through.

"I don't think people will look at me any differently because they're like, 'You know what, I'm going to do stupid stuff too,

and I'm going to make mistakes, and that's fine,'" Miley said. "It still hurts when I think about it - but you know what, it doesn't mean that you can't move on."

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After a nasty rumor about America's sweetheart, Miley Cyrus A.K.A Hannah Montana blasted in the Internet, the young star is ready to face the public and respond to all those who have shown their disappointment in her. Recently, an inauthentic article from J-14 magazine had been circulating in the Internet, speaking of how Miley accidentally got pregnant and quoted her apologizing to her fans and promising to keep the baby. The fake article was far from what the real one had talked about, which was Miley's gross habits on set. The magazine immediately made a statement, saying the article was tampered with, and that they had nothing to do with it. Other popular media and publications also backed them up, saying that the rumors were not true.

However, the damage had been done. It was publicized, and Miley Cyrus, just like any other human being, was hurt by this terrible rumor that swept the Internet. Although the 14-year-old singer/actress is used to bad publicity, this particular one hit home.

Cyrus reportedly couldn't stop her tears when she talked about the pregnancy rumors.

"As much as I wanna say it didn't affect me, it really hurt my feelings," she said in a conversation with ContactMusic.

In addition, Cyrus responded to these rumors recently in a conversation with the entertainment news show, Extra.

"That would be impossible because I'm living my life the way I believe is right, and that is to stay pure," Cyrus declared.

Now that we all know what's true, we can say that the hacker, who was discovered to have tampered with the article, did a pathetic job at ruining Miley Cyrus career, or damage her world-wide fame. The young star does have a good head on her shoulders, so we won�t be counting on that rumor to become true anytime soon.

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