Hannah Montana: �ALBUM REVIEW: Miley Cyrus - Breakout�

Album Review: Hannah Montana actress Miley Cyrus, 16, releases her new album Breakout, the follow-up to her 2007 debut Hannah Montana 2: Meet Miley Cyrus. The new album features the hit �7 Things,� and �See You Again (Rock Mafia Remix),� even though we�re really big Miley fans, we don�t know how to react to her new album. The songs �Breakout,� �Full Circle,�


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Hannah Montana - �Fly On The Wall�

�Fly On The Wall,� and the remake of Cyndi Lauper�s classic �Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.� One of the big let downs with Breakout is that it focuses more on Alternative/Rock, and Meet Miley Cyrus had more Pop, and a little bit of Alternative. Songs like �The Driveway,� �Wake Up America,� �These Four Walls,� �Simple Song,� and �Goodbye,� doesn�t really show off Miley�s vocal talents. Overall, we did buy the album. It�s a pretty decent album, and is easily addicting to Miley Cyrus fans, but may be a little bit harder for her younger fans of Hannah Montana to connect and like the music.

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Hannah Montana: Steven Baldwin offers Miley Cyrus a dare - will she pay up?

The Christian bad boy (actor, author, speaker, skateboarder, 15-year-old in an adult body) met teen pop sensation Miley Cyrus and her mom at the 2007 White House Easter egg hunt, and offered her a dare: he'd get a tattoo of Hannah Montana's signature "HM" initials if she'd have him appear on her TV show.

Silly young girl. She agreed.

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