How I Apply Conditioner

Hi friends!

This is how I apply reconstructor and conditioner to my hair. In the interest of time, I mix the two products together and deep condition under my hair steamer.

It is important to condition your hair after each wash.  If your hair is relaxed, then make the time to deep condition with heat at least twice a month.  I understand that we have busy lifestyles, but you will see improvement in your hair, if you make the time to deep condition with heat.

As an alternative to using a hair steamer, you can use a shower cap and sit under your dryer, or use a heat cap to deep condition for at least 15 minutes.    
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Fergie Nail Art

Fergie has always garnered attention with her fashion choices. Some people love her need to be different but other people disagree with her fashion choices. One thing is for sure that she definitely is a trendsetter and has been known to sport some great fashions.

Fergie and her nails have gained attention because she has stepped away from traditional nails. Most people are familiar with colors such as red and blue and are used the simple designs that most people receive at nail salons. Fergie definitely steps out of the box and usually looks toward more nontraditional colors and designs.

Fergie was spotted in London with domino nails and she started a media storm. Her nails were white with little black dots just like dominos. Not only was this a unique design but people wondered what even made her think of such a design. It is clear that Fergie likes to experiment with fashion and she tries things that people may not be used to.

Very seldom is Fergie photographed with regular red or blue nails, they are generally a bright color like orange or green. She likes to match her outfits including when she is onstage performing but her designs do not necessarily have to match her clothes. She has also been spotted several times with black and silver nails; she even wore those to a red carpet event. Fergie is not afraid for her nails to raise eyebrows or confuse people. When Fergie steps out she steps out in style and her finger nails are no different.

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Priyanka to shoot Khatron Ke Khiladi � 3 in Brazil

Chopra would be shooting in Brazil for Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi � 3. She has never visited that part of the world. And she�s all set to leave in July.

Says Priyanka excitedly,

�I�m looking forward to shooting the show there. I haven�t seen Brazil. So July onwards I�m going to be basking in Brazilian territory.�

Priyanka says she will be more than up to cracking what�s seen to be a male domain.

�Just because I�m a girl it shouldn�t be presumed that I can�t enter the boys� territory. I�d do the stunts better than the boys. And cricketers are people I�m very cool with. Not that I know the cricket world that well. It will be great getting to know them.�

Priyanka has her own stunts planned for Fear Factor.

�All I can tell you is that the stunts this year are going to be bigger and scarier than they were on the show last year .Now we�ve male contestants instead of female and I�ve to match up to them.�
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Katrina to play an �Item Girl�!!

Katrina says she always wanted to freak out on camera and get wild and this time she is getting that chance in Tees Maar Khan. She is set to play an item girl.

Right now in order to get the proper thumkhe jhumke of typical bollywood item dance she is watching videos of Bipasha and Mumtaaz.

Her behavior, her language everything will be loud and aggressive. These days Akshay is training her to shed the inhibitions before camera.

WaoW!!! Finally we get to see Katz in a new avatar�
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Aamir gets insulted on Twitter

Internet addicts have found a brand new way of insulting actors � by hurling abuses on their social networking sites, blogs or even homepages.

Their accounts on Twitter started their own websites or began writing blogs.

Take the case of actor Aamir Khan. The actor recently faced one of the most venomous abuses when someone posted a message on his website questioning Aamir�s post where he talks about one of the most painful experiences of his life � his wife Kiran Rao�s miscarriage. The person inferred that it was just a publicity stunt. Without reporting the person, Aamir just said,

�Whoever you are, may God help you.�

Even actor Amitabh Bachchan has been through a similar situation.

�Yes, there are some posts and responses that are not shown on my blog. It is because they are unfit for postings,� says Amitabh.

His blog team also revealed that only 25% of the total posts (in response to Bachchan�s blog posts) are allowed to be visible on his home page. Most of the responses are removed because they are abusive, contain foul language or are spam postings.

Actor Preity Zinta has also been at the receiving end of this menace. She says,

�I want to make my rules very clear. If you can�t write nice things, then please don�t come on to my page. It�s my page, it�s my home. So, here my own rules apply. I will not take rubbish from other people here,�

Because of this menace some actors are still wary of opening an account on the Internet.
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Zarine is scared of Salman Khan

Salman is definitely Zarine�s Godfather as he launched her in one of the mega project. He takes an active interest in her career and gets her the best of people to guide her.

But Zarine is tongue-tied at the very sight of Salman Khan. She does not even speak a word when he is around.

Is it dedication or simple case of phobia?
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How I Shampoo My Hair

Hi friends!

Shampooing your hair may seem like a simple and thoughtless process.  But, for those of us who get tangles when we wash our hair, shampooing can be a source of frustration.  If you are frustrated when you wash your hair, then you are more likely to cause damage to your hair.

Here are two videos demonstrating how I shampoo my hair, and what products I use.  This process helps me to reduce tangling and saves time on wash day.

I hope this is helpful.


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Zac Efron lined up for 'Flash Gordon'?

Zac Efron is reportedly in talks to play Flash Gordon in a new movie.

The High School Musical star recently admitted that he would love to star in Spider-Man, but sources told Showbiz Spy that he is "excited" about joining Flash Gordon.

"Zac is one of the frontrunners to play Flash and he's making no secret of the fact that he would love the role," an insider said.

"Spider-Man has been done and he doesn't want to follow someone like Tobey Maguire. Flash would be all Zac and a chance for him to make a mark with his own franchise. He's very excited about the possiblity."
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Vanessa Hudgens & Zac Efron: Kitson Cuties!

Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron holds hands while spending some quality time together at Kitson on Wednesday (March 24) in Malibu, Calif. Looks like the happy High School Musical couple is still going strong!
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Miley Cyrus: Toluca Lake Cruisin' Cutie

Spending the day cruising around town, Miley Cyrus was spotted out and about in Toluca Lake, California on Monday (March 15). Clad in a pair of stonewashed jeans, a v-neck white t-shirt and plenty accessories, the Disney darling proudly showed off her new Mercedes as she ran a few errands. In related news, Miss Cyrus recently chatted with press - admitting that her mom has a crush on her 19-year-old boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth.

She tells, �I don�t know who had a bigger crush on him at the beginning, my mom or me. I was like, �No, maybe he�s just too pretty. I don�t want to be with someone who�s better looking than me.
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Miley Cyrus Enjoys Her New Mercedes

Miley Cyrus is, what, 17 years old? Has she turned 18 yet? Regardless, she is the proud owner of a new Mercedes. Well, between her Disney TV show 'Hannah Montana,' her films (like 'The Last Song' ), and her recording career, no one can say Miley doesn't work hard! She's earned that car- LOL. Miley's new car was spotted yesterday when she was out and about in Toluca Lake, California.

While promoting her new movie, Miley's also warning teenagers not to spend too much time on the internet . How has her life changed since she stopped spending so much time surfing the web? "...I have a lot more real friends as opposed to friends who are on the Internet ....
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'High School Musical' Star Ashley Tisdale Joins CW Pilot 'Hellcats'

'High School Musical' star Ashley Tisdale has joined the cast of the CW pilot 'Hellcats', reports Entertainment Weekly. The comedy-drama, currently in development and slated for fall programming, will revolve around the competitive world of college cheerleading. Kevin Murphy and Tom Welling will act as executive producers.

Ashley Tisdale's film credits include the 'High School Musical' trilogy, 'Donnie Darko', 'Aliens in the Attic', 'Bring it On: In It to Win It', 'Whisper of the Heart', and 'Picture This'. Tisdale has appeared on various television series including '7th Heaven', 'Beverly Hills, 90210', 'Charmed', 'George Lopez', 'Hannah Montana', 'Kim Possible', 'Once and Again', and 'Boston Public'.
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Hudgens in tears after workouts

Vanessa Hudgens has revealed she was in tears after training with Navy Seals for her latest movie role.

The High School Musical star worked out with Seals for several months to prepare for action flick Sucker Punch and told People the gruelling sessions were a challenge.

"I was bawling my eyes out because they push you so hard," said the 21-year-old. She went on: "It was the most intense thing that anyone could ever do."

However, Vanessa, who is dating her HSM co-star Zac Efron, said the training was ultimately "empowering".
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Vanessa Hudgens on using Guns in �Sucker Punch�

�I have a movie called �Sucker Punch� coming out in 2011 that Zack Snyder directed, and I�m very excited about it because I finally get to be an extreme badass and kick butt,� Vanessa said. V�s character in the movie Blondie gets to do lots of action in the movie, which may even be in 3D! �I think it might be [coming out in 3-D] � actually, we didn�t shoot it for 3-D,� she said. �And I just found out the other day. I�m just excited to know that when I throw my tomahawk, it�s going right in your face.�

Vanessa also got to use guns while shooting the movie, which she loved. �There were so many [scenes that I love], I get to shoot a .50-cal gun, which is a gun that�s on the back of a tank that�s in the Army. It�s intense. It�s just the most thrilling thing a person can ever do is shoot that gun.�

Vanessa�s latest project Beastly will be released later this year, while Bandslam was just released onto DVD!
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Vanessa Hudgens is Jenny Packham Perfect

Vanessa Hudgens steps out in an ebony Jenny Packham dress as she arrives at the 2010 Vanity Fair Oscar Party hosted by Graydon Carter held at the Sunset Tower Hotel in Los Angeles on Sunday evening (March 7).

he 21-year-old actress will be joining boyfriend Zac Efron at the party. Vanessa is headed off to Las Vegas next week, where she will be honored at 2010 ShoWest as the Female Star of Tomorrow along with Beastly costar Alex Pettyfer.
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Miley Cyrus Loves Kurt Cobain: The MTV News Quote Of The Day

Singer and "The Last Song" star Miley Cyrus, commenting on whether or not she was a fan of Justin Bieber. The pair both appeared on "The View" earlier in the week, as Bieber was supporting his new album My World 2.0 and she was on to talk about her new movie. Though she is currently dating "The Last Song" co-star Liam Hemsworth, she apparently is looking for somebody like the late Nirvana frontman.

That's not to say that Cyrus doesn't appreciate the power of Bieber Fever. "My little sister was obsessed with him, and he actually gave her a shout-out on Twitter," she said. "And I thought that was really sweet. So I was like, 'Thank you so much. That meant a lot too.' ... He called her a cutie, and I haven't stopped hearing about it."
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'I'm not perfect'

Miley Cyrus has admitted that everything she does is not "perfect" but that her mistakes help her grow as a person.

The singer-actress, who confirmed that she is planning to stop making music to concentrate on acting, has said that sometimes her decisions are "wrong".

Speaking to The Daily Telegraph, the 17-year-old said: "Every career thing I do can't be perfect, and sometimes my decisions are wrong.

"I always say the minute I stop making mistakes is the minute I stop learning, and I've definitely learned a lot."
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Miley Cyrus confirms music retirement

Miley Cyrus has confirmed that she is planning to stop making music.

The 'Party In The USA' singer recently admitted that she has become disillusioned with the music industry.

She has now told E! News that she wants to focus more on an acting career. "I've got a record coming out in June and then I'm done," she revealed. "I just want to work in movies. That's what I like and that's what I want to be doing."

Cyrus will appear in upcoming film The Last Song and also has a cameo in Sex And The City 2.
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'American Idol': Miley Cyrus trumps Crystal Bowersox's 'Bobby McGee,' 'When a Man Loves a Woman'

t's a good thing Miley Cyrus was guest mentor on "American Idol" this week, otherwise viewers would have had nothing to watch � the show's Kindle ad was more riveting.

Earlier this week "Idol" producers were given flak for choosing a 17-year-old pop star to mentor contestants almost a decade older than her; but the decision may have saved "Idol" from losing fans. Cyrus offered snippets of little known insight into the music industry and injected the two-hour show with more personality than all the contestants put together.

We learned the following about Cyrus (and the world of uber-famous pop stars in general):

* She gets nervous before she performs and she says if others claim they don't, "they're lying".
* She notices when people freak out when she makes eye contact with them during her concerts (i.e. it's a good bet most performers do even if they pretend not to � rejoice, band-aids!).
* She hearts Michael Lynche.
* Her mother really does have abnormally large eyes.

Because of his chemistry with Cyrus, Michael Lynche was the only real noteworthy stand-out of the night. The pop songstress mentioned more than once that she was "in love" with the new dad (though it appeared to be more platonic than her affection for Bret Michaels) and seemed to relish the bear hug he gave her on their first meeting. Cyrus even mimed a little heart when Lynche finished singing "When a Man Loves a Woman." It was nice to see such a poised and confident songtress dissolve into a fan girl.
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Arshad �irons out� with Maria

Arshad Warsi has finally accepted that his marriage is under pressure. With rumours doing the rounds about his alleged affair with his co-star Dia Mirza, there�s tension in the home front. Besides this, he couldn�t give time to his family because of his hectic schedule. His rumoured �ishquiya� with Dia only added fuel to fire. However, Arshad had to come out and iron out the differences between his wife Maria and his close friend Dia.

Things are in place now for �Hum, Tum Aur Woh (oops!) Ghost� star. Doesn�t the whole scene reminds you of another �superhero� and his close association with his �firang� co-star, keep guessing??
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Priyanka is truly a �desi girl�

When most of the actors would give anything to get even a minute�s role in a Hollywood flick, our �desi-girl� Priyanka Chopra turned down a Hollywood offer. She was offered a role in Dawn of War, however, she refused it. The reason was not the script or her role. According to the sources, the dates of Dawn of War clashed with that of Vishal Bhardwaj�s next venture, Saat Khoon Maaf. The leggy beauty chose to be a part of the Indian movie instead of being starred opposite the British actor Henry Cavill.

All we can say is that she is one actress who knows her priorities.
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The Search for the "Perfect" Wig

Hi friends!

Please excuse the short pause between posts.  I hurt my leg in ballet class, when a very limber 17-year-old assumed that I was a fellow limber 17-year-old.  I'm not as flexible as I was at 17, but I'm getting there.  My leg is doing better and I will be back in ballet class next week.

Let's play a game of Good news/ Bad news:

Good news - I recorded a video of my winter wash day routine!  WooHoo! I was excited and nervous and I'm sure the video will show both emotions.

Bad news - My camcorder's program decided it is no longer compatible with my laptop.  So I got a Mac.  The learning curve is fierce, but I expect to post my first video this weekend.

Now onto the subject of this post.

I have delved into the world of lace wigs and let me tell you, it is a world of its own.  I will share what I've learned with you, so we can learn together.  After the untimely demise of my last wig, I needed to get a replacement wig.  Instead of getting another synthetic lace front wig, I decided to invest in a human hair lace wig.  This purchase is an investment because as I learned, these things don't run cheap.

A good quality, human hair, lace wig can cost anywhere from $200 to $400+. The price depends on the hair type, density, lace type, length, and construction.  Here is a list of my requirements and my rationale:
  1. Durability - If I'm going to spend hundreds of dollars on a piece of hair, it needs to last for YEARS.  Do I have high hopes? Perhaps. But I expect that with proper care, this wig will last for at least 3 winters.  
  2. Length - I want a wig that is the same length or a bit shorter than my real hair.  This way I can switch from my hair to the wig, without getting questions about whether I cut my hair. 
  3. Texture - I love textured hair, which is why I texlax my own hair rather than relax it bone straight.  Since I plan to wear the lace front as a half wig, I need my real hair to blend seamlessly with the wig.  
  4. Maintenance - I need a wig that only requires shampoo, conditioner, and moisturizer.  Anything more and I might as well be doing my own hair. 
  5. Style - I need a wig that can be styled with heat, so I have the option and flexibility to change the hairstyle.  I plan to have fun with the wig - beach waves, spiral curls, braid outs, etc. 
Now that you know my requirements, next I will share what I learned about getting each one met.

To be continued...
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    2010 is Aishwarya Rai�s year!!

    There were lots of speculations regarding Aishwarya�s career. Some said, she has lost her charm or new actresses have replaced her.

    Even when Katrina replaced her in the new ad of Lux, people thought Ad world is also bidding her goodbye. But Aishwarya proved everybody wrong and 2010 specially belongs to her.

    Her releases this year�

    She starts with Action Replayy-opposite Akshay Kumar

    Rani Laxmibai- the historical film by Ketan Mehta

    Raaste- Opposite Abhishek along with John Abraham

    Happy Birthday- The sci-fi film by Sriram Raghavan

    Dhun- Aish and Abhishek once again together

    Guzaarish- Aishwarya and Abhishek�s onscreen chemistry once again

    Biscuit� Aishwarya and Abhishek have been signed together for a lot of films. This is another addition to the already long list.

    Enthiram �. Aishwarya is to play the main lead opposite the Tamil superstar Rajinikanth.

    Well if B- Town movie listing is taken, then King Khan is also not that busy in 2010.

    Kudos to Aishwarya. She has lots more to give to Bollywood!!!
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    Imran, Deepika to become youth icons!!

    Filmmaker Kunal Kohli has roped in new designers to design a younger and trendier look for Deepika Padukone and Imran Khan in �Break Ke Baad� and says he wants them to become �youth icons�.

    The two will sport separate hair-colour schemes for the pre and post interval halves of the film.

    �Both Imran and Deepika showed up in Delhi looking younger and trendier. Their clothes are younger and cooler than before. We�ve brought in completely new designers for Deepika and Imran,� said Kohli.

    While Imran�s clothes have been done by the Delhi-based designer duo Harmeet-Neha, Deepika�s designer is Ayesha, a former assistant to Anaita Shroff.

    Can�t wait to watch the two in �Break Ke Baad�

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    Ranbir- Katrina�s, next flick: Khamoshi

    Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor who are rumored to share a close friendship have decided to do one more film together. And now It�s Anurag Basu�s Khamoshi.

    It is heard that Katrina will be seen in a powerful role who inspires and supports Ranbir, who is deaf and dumb, to achieve his goal.

    Currently, Katrina is doing Prakash Jha�s Rajneeti where she is yet again playing the role of a powerful woman.

    Anurag says, �She is a very sensitive actress. So far we haven�t really seen her dramatic worth. This happens with very beautiful actresses.�

    He knows that everyone would be keen to see Katrina and Ranbir after Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani and Rajneeti, Anurag added,

    �They are magical together. But my film will create a different magic.�
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    Freida denies Bond-girl offer

    Actress Freida Pinto has denied that she was approached by director Sam Mendes to play the lead in his next Bond movie opposite Daniel Craig.

    Freida�s official spokesperson in a statement said, �I would like to confirm that as of today, Freida Pinto has not been approached to be part of the next Bond film.�

    �It is of course very flattering to even be rumoured to be part of a Bond film but she has certainly not been approached for the role of the next Bond girl opposite Daniel Craig as yet,� he added.

    Freida is currently out of the country working on her forthcoming projects which include, Julian Schnabel�s Miral, Woody Allen�s You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger and Tarsem Singh�s Dawn of War.
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    Kylie Minogue in love with Bollywood and Akshay Kumar

    Kylie Minogue accepted the film Blue because she could meet Akshay Kumar. The day she saw Chandni Chowk to China, she became a great fan of Akshay Kumar. Kylie also wanted to go through the whole Indian experience, including a wedding and of course the Taj Mahal and Jaipur -Rajashthan route.

    Apart from being a huge Akshay fan, Kylie is a complete Bollywood buff and in love with Indian sarees.

    Kylie you are always welcome to stay back in Bollywood
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    Layered Hairstyles

    Whether the hair is long or you have short hair, ladies are always looking for a way to stand out. Sometimes it is fun to do something a little different in order to keep things interesting. It is easy to make several hairstyles by just adding a few differences.

    The layered look is a very popular look for those individuals that are looking for something a little different. For those individuals who like long hair throwing in a few layers gives the hair a totally different look. Some ladies like layers around the face in order to showcase their face. Light hair sweeping around the face area creates a very dramatic look. This hairstyle is very popular and celebrities utilize this particular style routinely. For those who do not have long hair they may want to use extensions to give themselves long flowing layers. The back part of the hair can also be layered. Many ladies like to curl the various layers and create another look. Curling the various layers makes the hair appear fuller and gives it more volume. This is a popular hairstyle.

    For those ladies that have hair at their shoulders the layered look can complement them also. Once again many ladies create layers around the face and since the hair is shorter it gives a clear and direct view of the face. Some people like to create styles where the hair is shorter in the back and longer in the front. These various options help to create the perfect hairstyle and allow ladies to change up from time to time.

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    Shankar Mahadevan beats Shaan on �Music Ka Maha Muqabbla�

    It was an enthralling finale to STAR Plus� �Music Ka Maha Muqabbla�, as popular composer-singer Shankar Mahadevan pipped playback singer Shaan in the mega reality show here Saturday night.

    Shankar�s team �Shankar�s Rockstars�, comprising singers Rahul Vaidya, Sharib Sabri, Sanjeev Kumar and Neetii Muhan, rocked the stage with peppy numbers and won the show by three points.

    They took home a cash prize of Rs.50 lakh (Rs.5 million) presented by sarod maestro Ustad Amjad Ali Khan.

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    Poll � Hottest Couple in Bollywood

    Which of these couple from bollywood is hottest?

    Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan, Arbaaz Khan and Malaika Arora Khan, John Abraham and Bipasha Basu, Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna, Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif, Shahrukh Khan and Gauri, Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Kajol and Ajay Devgan, Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone.
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    Kareena compares herself with Sandra Bullock

    Recently, the Kapoor girl was awarded title of Worst Actress for Kambakkht Ishq by Golden Kela Awards. The actress sportingly accepted the award and defends her stand saying,

    �Sandra Bullock won a Razzie for All About Steve and then an Oscar for The Blind Side. So why can�t I bag a Kela Worst Actress Award for Kambakkht Ishq and then a Best Actress for 3 Idiots and Kurbaan? I take it as a compliment.�

    She goes on, �One unsuccessful film doesn�t make you a bad actress. Sometimes you take a risk for a friend, sometimes to extend your boundaries. Superstars are born from failure more than success.�

    Now that�s Bebo, one should not be surprised if she celebrates this one too!
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    Katrina affected by negativity in Bollywood

    A couple of days ago it was reported that Katrina Kaif had fainted on the sets of a movie. Though she dismisses it just as a one-off incident, she feels there are negative vibes around that affect her.

    She says, �There is too much negativity around. My health suffered due to this. Constant negativity does affect a person.�

    Apart from this, Katrina is also unhappy about the many rumours surrounding her personal and professional life.

    Don�t worry Katz.. Things will soon calm down.
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    Freida Pinto to go raunchy as the next Bond girl

    Time and again, there have been rumors of Bollywood beauties like Aishwarya and Shilpa Shetty being considered for the role of the Bond girl, but finally the desi babe who gets this opportunity is none other than Freida Pinto, who will play the suave British secret agent�s love interest in the 23rd James Bond flick. This 23rd installment of James Bond movie is set in Afghanistan

    The 24-year-old actress will be seen alongside Daniel Craig in this Sam Mendes direction. American actress Olivia Wilde is reportedly in talks to star as the second Bond girl.

    As for Dev Patel, Freida�s beau, �It will be a typically glamorous and raunchy role and Dev has been joking to friends he is cool with seeing Freida rolling around with 007,� said a source.

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    �Pankh� will see Bipasha Basu in nine different looks

    Priyanka Chopra received critical acclaims for her varied avatars in �Whats Your Rashee?�. Now, bong beauty Bipasha Basu is set to enthrall the audience with her nine different looks in forthcoming �Pankh� produced by Sanjay Gupta�s White Feather Entertainment and directed by Sudipto Chattopadhyay.
    The story of �Pankh� revolves around the life of a child actor who grows up thinking he�s a girl. The film is based on a true story of child actor Ashish Channa, who played a pivotal role in Ram Gopal Varma�s �Vastu Shashtra�. Ashish�s mother would often pass her off as a boy only to get her to work in smaller and bigger screen.
    Talking about the movie, the director says, �I think Pankh is mainly an urban film. The theme that we have touched in this film identifies more with the sensibilities of the urban dwellers. May be in a few rural areas the film might be appealing. But, I have always maintained that this film touches upon a subject that is way different that you see in usual mainstream films.�

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    Beautiful Aishwarya at the audio launch of �Rettachuzi�

    It is not very common to see the Bachchan Bahu at the audio release of a film. But the occasion was special here as it was the audio launch of Tamil film �Rettachuzhi� produced by Shankar, who is directing her in �Endhiran: The Robot�.
    Aishwarya looked ravishing as ever in a white saree at Sathyam Cinemas Monday evening.
    �When we explained to her the significance of �Rettachuzhi� and the cast of the film, she immediately agreed. It�s not just her beauty but her commitment towards her profession, which has made her a great actress,� said Shankar who was obviously thrilled to have her at the occasion.
    Ash released the audio cassettes and CDs of �Rettachuzhi� which were accepted by noted lyricist Vairamuthu. Ash had once been described by Vairamuthu as a �Taj Mahal weighing 50 kilograms� in one of his lyrics for the film �Jeans�.
    The fans were elated when Ash spoke in fluent Tamil and later switched backed to English.
    �It�s an honour for me to have been present at this place among legends like Balachander and Bharathiraaja and I feel proud about it. I also feel happy that a woman is treated so respectfully at a public function like this,� she said.
    �I can never forget the Tamil film industry and director Shankar in my life. Shankar�s �Jeans� was my first successful film. The many things I learnt during the making of the film gave me enough self-confidence that I could continue to act for a few more years.
    �I feel even more proud to be part of Shankar�s �Endhiran� opposite superstar Rajnikanth�I watched a few songs and some sequences from �Rettachuzhi��I think Karthick Raaja�s music and tunes are excellent. I would surely watch the film in future,� she added.

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    Harman Baweja & Kareena Kapoor awarded as worst actors

    In the style of Hollywood�s Razzies, the second Golden Kela awards was held this Friday night where actor Harman Baweja won the Worst Actor award for his performance in �What�s Your Raashee?� and Kareena Kapoor got the worst actress title for her role in �Kambakkht Ishq�. Interestingly, even Hollywood stars Sylvester Stallone and Denise Richards won the �Baawra Ho Gaya Hai Ke� (Have you gone muts) Award for participating in �Kambakkht Ishq� alongside Kareena and Akshay Kumar. The movie also won the worst film award, thus bagging in the highest number of �worst� awards.
    Abhishek Bachchan won the Dara Singh Award for worst accent in �Delhi-6?. Sporting as Abhishek is, he posted on twitter, �Another milestone in my career. I won the Golden Kela award for worst accent in �Delhi 6'. Chalo at least �Delhi-6' won something. I�m overjoyed!�
    The chief guest of the evening was Bollywood funnyman Cyrus Broacha, who was awarded the Cyrus Broacha Memorial Award. �It�s great. I�m thrilled. I hope to win this award every year,� Cyrus said.
    Filmmaker Madhur Bhandarkar won the �Bas Kijiye Bahut Ho Gaya (Please stop its Enough) Award�!, asking him to stop making films. Ashutosh Gowariker was declared worst director for �What�s Your Raashee?� Jackky Bhagnani and Shruti Haasan were declared the worst newcomer actors for their roles in �Kal Kissne Dekha� and �Luck� respectively.
    As expected, none of the stars named for the awards were present at the event.

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    Winter Protective Style Regimen

    Here is my winter protective style regimen. This post supplements the video above, so please watch the video in addition to reading this post.

    Wash Schedule:

    � Frequency - I wash my hair every two weeks (or once a week if my scalp gets itchy).
    � Cornrow Removal - I unbraid each cornrow and thoroughly comb out all of the shedded hair. If you do not remove the shedded hair before you wash, your hair will get tangled and matted.
    � Shampoo - I shampoo three times. First, with diluted clarifying shampoo. Then twice with diluted moisturizing shampoo.
    � Deep Condition - To save time, I mix my reconstructor and deep conditioner together. I apply and comb the mix through my hair, then deep condition under my hair steamer for 40 minutes.
    � Leave-in Conditioner - I use a liquid and creamy leave-in and comb them through my hair.
    � Drying Technique - I let my hair air dry hanging down, with a silk scarf wrapped around my neck.
    � Edges - I apply a heat protectant and flat iron the hair I leave out. Although I have a lace front wig, I use it like an instant weave. For me, this looks more natural than having the wig sit on my forehead.

    Daily Care:

    � I remove the wig at night and spray the cornrows with braid spray mixed with Infusium 23 leave-in. I seal with either coconut oil or castor oil.
    � I comb the wig daily to remove tangles. I do not apply any product to the wig. 

    I have a different regimen for the Spring/Summer seasons and will update my regimen when the time comes. 

    Please let me know if you have any questions in the Comments section.
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    When Good Wigs, Go Bad.

    As you may already know, I wear a wig in the winter to protect my own hair.  I planned to record a video showing exactly how I did it, but the video will have to wait until I get a replacement wig.

    I accidentally left the wig out and suspect that my dog, Wisdom, decided to get into a brawl with it.  The wig lost the fight.  It is synthetic, so my options were limited.  I painstakingly detangled and washed the wig, but I couldn't revive it.  This is how it looked before:

    This is how it looks after I combed and washed it:

    The fibers tangle very easily now and I can not run my fingers through the hair.  I wore this wig daily for 5 weeks and it started tangling before this incident.  This was my first synthetic wig, and I was disappointed.  So I will stick to buying human hair wigs in the future.  It seems that the synthetic fibers are not as resilient as human hair.  My last human hair instant weave lasted for 4 months without major tangling.  The synthetic wig costs less than a human hair wig.  However, the human hair wig is a better buy, because I plan to wear it for at least 10 weeks.    

    Here is a picture for the suspect:

    I can't even be mad at that cute little face. 

    Happy growing.

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    Throwback Hair Video

    Hi ladies,

    I just remembered about this video and thought you would enjoy it.  This was taken after my relaxer in May 2008.


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    Are Scene Kids Identical with Emo?

    Are Scene Kids Identical with Emo?

    Scene kids are young people that have become prominent over the past decade. They are usually aged 14 - 21 and sometimes older or younger than that. Scene kids who are more than 20 are commonly regarded as scenesters.
    Scene kids are most often mistaken as emo kids because there are a lot of similarities between the 2, but there are also many differences. When emo music first became a trend in the 80s and 90s, teenagers would go to these emo concerts.
    Today, emo music is still famous, and because scene kids often go to �hardcore� shows, they are seen interacting with emo kids. Thinking that they belong to emo, the two groups become friendly with each other. That is why emo hair is popular with scene kids, and band t-shirts become popular with emos. The emo term is often abused to the extent that many people categorize emo and scene as one group.Scene kids love Hello Kitty, dinosaurs, little kiddy things, and bright colors. Most of them are nice people, but they feel offended if you call them emo. Some scene kids also do not want to be called scene and they prefer no label at all. Some scene kids give the impression that they are better than others, but that depends on the person, not majority.
    Most often, you can see them with their iPod, computer and cell phone. A lot of people do not like scene kids because they got the impression that scene kids are copy-cats and they all look the same, but they are not.
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