Modern Hairstyles

Modern Hairstyles For 2010

modern-hairstylesThere are certain things you cannot make hair do. You should consider these before you choose one of the many modern hairstyles. When you try to make short straight hair go back from the face you are going against the natural tendencies of your hair.

Straight hair should be worn toward the face, because you must proceed on the assumption that the most natural thing for straight hair to do, following the laws of gravity, is to fall down toward the face. Taking advantage of this knowledge would mean cutting the hair to the exact length you want the finished hairdo to be, and then curling it ever so slightly to give a bend to the ends. Curls should never make more than one complete turn when brushed out. Hair is at its best when it makes half a turn.

Curly hairstyles can be worn either down or back. The reason it will stay back or up at the sides is that each hair is self-supporting. It needs no other hair to rest on to support it. Curly hair, wavy or bent hair can stay free of the head and assume some shape other than straight. Curly hair, when left one length, will wave. Cut it short, confuse it, -and it will curl. The more you confuse it, the more variety of patterns it will assume. Confuse straight hair and you will have- holes or steps.

Approaching your choice of modern hairstyles with this knowledge will not only help you to understand your hair but will eliminate many a problem that is caused by trying for hairdos that the hair simply cannot retain.

In the light of these points, choose the hairdo you want, in some version that will be becoming to you. Then consider the time and the amount of care it will entail. Hair care depends almost entirely on how much curl your hair has. If you have fairly straight hair and are in the habit of pin-curling it tightly, you will find that the pin-curling will not last as long as when you barely turn up the ends. This is true because the hair still retains its barely straight shape, causing it to fall into its own natural straight patterns. Fairly curly hair can be brushed into shape, and very curly hair can be pin-curled when washed to get the desired effect.

I have always been an exponent of the beauties of straight hair and have devoted much time to the study of its styling. Contrary to the opinion of many straight-haired girls, it has a very definite place in the fashion picture, because simplicity of line in hair styling is the most beautiful. My aim has always been to find new ways of cutting hair and to add more hairdos for the straight-haired woman.

To look really well, straight hair depends almost entirely on the cutting. When cut, it should not have the body or thickness cut out. When the body is left in, there will be more chance for any slight natural wave to be developed. Body also helps the hairdo to hold its shape better (K A).
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Amitabh Bachachan Moved By Indian Idol 5

Season 5 of Indian Idol started with a bang on Monday. Amitabh Bachchan wrote on his blog that the hopes, aspirations, victory and defeat of the young �would move any human�. Big B accepted that he was indeed touched by the contestants while watching Indian Idol. And also the fact that he watches the show with �great interest and expectations�.

Two episodes over and the excitement has already started on the show. With judges Anu Malik, Sunidhi Chauhan and Salim Merchant pulling each other�s legs, the entertainment has just begun. Already shorlisted some talented singers, Indian Idol 5 seems to be quite promising. Our fingers are crossed!!!
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Post IPL, What Is SRK Doing?

After losing over IPL matches, the co-owner of the Team Kolkata Knight Riders, Shah Rukh Khan is busy with his home production movie After Bobby Chawla (the CEO, Red Chillies) chose a brief period of illness and hospitalization, the kind-hearted superstar has taken over the additional burden of production onto his his already overloaded shoulders. The actor was busy shooting prior to this but this extra work is keeping him really busy, away from the whole world.

To this the great SRK tweets, �Whole day gone in meetings for production etc� So many things happening.. Sometimes don�t even realize how the day comes to the end. Wish, Bobby my friend gets well sooner than soon. He is still in the hospital and the film is so difficult in terms of production�.

As per the 44-years old actor, the title �Ra.One� means �Random Access Version One�. I think we will understand the meaning and relevance better after the movie hits the floor. Let us see in spite of all these hurdles, when will the movie be on air for us to view and guess the real meaning.
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Music Launch of the much awaited Ravana

The drum beats followed by Abhishek jumping off a cliff into a river ! And Aishwarya emerging out of the same river water ! Yeah Readers ! You guessed it right. I am talking of the upcoming movie Ravana.

A huge buzz has been felt since the trailers of Ravana have hit the television sets. The movie starring Aishwarya Rai Bachhan, Abhishek Bachhan and the Tamil Superstar Vikram, is the forthcoming movie of the multi-talented Mani Ratnam. Ravana will be showcased in multiple languages.

The Audio release was set on the 24th of April at the Yashraj Studios. The musical magic is created by the living Legend Gulzar and the Oscar and Grammy Awards Winner, A.R. Rahman. The combination of the two greatest musical maestros is ready to trap your heart and bind your soul. The list of crew is a top-notch. The younger Bachhan has laid a few steps onto the beat of the song Thok De Killi at the occassion. And the Bachhan daughter-in-law added an extra sparkle with her stunning saree designed exclusively by Sabyasachi, the costume designer for the movie. The wait is still a little long because the movie is decided to be on air tentatively during the 11th International Indian Film Academy Awards (IIFA) 2010 to be held in the month of June.
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Formal Hairstyles

Formal Hairstyles Are on the Way Back

formal-hairstylesToday's lax and loose dress codes and hairstyles certainly have a place in society. But, there are times and occasions these days which show, at least that formal hairstyles are on the way back. Many people have come to conclude that certain events or occasions do indeed require better clothing and a good hairstyle.

Be versatile when it comes to hairstyles. We know that formal dinner occasions are always in style. So too, then, should be the formal hairstyle. People of all ages today seem to be getting that, which is a welcome sign. And who doesn't want to attend some sort of formal affair at least once in their lifetime? Places or events that call for a somewhat more formal dress or hairstyle are things like weddings or baptisms.

Follow a few simple rules. Men of all ages should at least try to wash and condition their hair with some consistency. And when it gets too long, cut it. Women have gotten this message almost without having to be told. In any case, hair care and styling should be high on the list of "must dos" for both men and women.

Don't spend a lot of cash to look good. The economy as it is today necessitates that you look to save money where you can. This doesn't mean that you should not spend any money on formal hairstyles; rather, that you should shop wisely and frugally. Sometimes the simplest things, like haircuts, can make someone look the most real (H S).
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Teen Hairstyles

Standout in a Crowd Fashionable Trendy Teen Hairstyles & Funky Hairdos

teen-hairstylesWhat is it about teen hairstyles that make them so different from any other styles? Nothing is the answer to this question. There is no difference, in fact there is no such thing as a teen hairstyle. When have you ever heard a young girl/boy going into a hair salon and asking the hair stylist to give them a teen hairstyle? A teen hairstyle is simply a particular style that young teenagers sport because it is the latest trendy hairstyle. So the next time you hear a youngster asking for a teen hairstyle you will know they are asking for a particular style that other teens are raving over.

Nonetheless girls and boys if you want to call a particular hairstyle a "teen" one, then so be it. The bob haircut, layers, ringlets, bangs, pony tail even braids are all styles deemed fitting for a teenager as long as they are in fashion.

Teens are always on the lookout for the latest cool trendy teen hairstyle to match their desired fashion, and a fabulous way of finding what's hot on the scene is to browse magazines or to go online. Everything you could possibly want to know about hair is there.

If anyone knows about what a fad is, it's the teen; however we have them just branching out and unaware. A fad is something that comes and goes (here today gone tomorrow.) The best sort of hairstyle to choose is one that doesn't restrict styling options too much. Remember, what was the craze yesterday might change tomorrow so make sure your hair is flexible to be able to adjust to the next all the rage hip hop teen hairstyle.

The good thing about haircuts these days is that there individualized. Hair today is styled around face shapes. This is to assure that your specific desire will suit and flatter. Unfortunately in the case of most teens face shape is not taken into consideration, which is a bad move. The average teen tends to look more to following suit of their friends or favorite celebrity before that of what suits their face.

Funky teen styles can include all sorts of styles but if money is tight then remember curls never go out of fashion. If you have straight hair then you should consider having a perm for longer lasting curls. This option sure beats sitting for hours with your hair in curlers with no guarantee of the desired size of curl happening if the curlers are not left in long enough. It also has you avoid the wrist ache from holding curling tongs. Get advice on perms first because healthy hair can suffer damage from perm solutions. Avoid hairstyles that might involve high maintenance. After all you're a teen and you haven't the time "right." Go for spiral curls on long hair.

The way the hair is worn can change your appearance dramatically, now wouldn't it be nice for any change to be one of dramatically beautiful. Proper styling can add the right angles to your face and tone down any hardness your face might otherwise express. There are countless different teen hairstyles to choose from that can do this. There are short, long, straight, medium and curly hairstyles, but for them to work with facial features your face shape has to be considered.

Before making a decision on a style or cut you must pre-consider some things. Things like the lifestyle you lead. Your hairstyle needs to be compatible with this regardless of age. For instance: if you are an active person and enjoy sports then opt for a short hairstyle, it makes sense.

Back again to that all important issue - the shape of your face. Once this is established your hairdresser will highlight the most essential features while emphasizing on how the hairstyle will make your face pretty. The right hairstyle will minimize problem features you're not comfortable with. The three kinds of face shapes - round, long and square and teen hairstyles vary according to these face cuts. Keep hair to shoulder length without any parting if your face is round. This will lengthen your face. While this may be a good thing it can also give a show of hardness. To beat this, choose a soft hairstyle that impels gentleness. If short hair is not for you and you have a square face then straight shoulder length hair flicking towards the ends will suit (K C).
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Elegant Hairstyles

New Elegant Hairstyles

elegant-hairstylesThe term elegant hairstyles means different things to different groups of people. For one group of people, for anything to qualify to be considered as part of the elegant hairstyles, it has to be a 'formal hairstyle' in the truest sense of the word; so that for those who subscribe to this way of thinking, elegant hairstyles automatically translate to 'formal hairstyles' and the two terms can thus be used interchangeably.

For the most part, elegant hairstyles are characterized by short to medium sized hair - though with a lot of care, longer hair can still be worked into one of these elegant hairstyles. There are a number of specific hairstyles that are almost universally considered to be in the category of so-called elegant hairstyle.

Buns are one example of hairstyles that are almost universally considered to be among elegant hairstyles. The idea in these buns, also called chignons, is to gather the hair towards the back of one's head, and then putting together the bun with a pin. Of course, to make the bun elegant, that hair first has to be 'softened' through a procedure like blow dry, and then have all sides of the 'bun' combed lightly, to keep it all in. properly done, this can be a very elegant looking hairstyle, and it is indeed one of the cheapest elegant hairstyle that one can achieve without having to spend a fortune on the process.

French twists and braids are another couple of hairstyles that qualify to be considered as being part of the elegant hairstyle, almost universally. In French braids, we have the hair all around the head braided to form some sort of a wall, with hair from the sides and from the center of the head pulled in to create the wall, so that the region towards the center of the head is basically left 'hairless.' French twists, on the other hand, are defined by the working of the hair into a low lying ponytail, and then twisting the ponytail so acquired to create what can often turn out to be a very exquisite look.

For the people who have a more relaxed criterion as to what makes elegant hairstyle, just blow drying the hair and oiling it well to make it smooth, and then letting it grow downwards can still leave one with what qualifies to be considered an elegant hairstyle (J G).
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Miley Cyrus Will "Rejoice" When Hannah Montana Ends

After growing up in the spotlight of Hannah Montana, Miley Cyrus is preparing to say goodbye to the Disney sitcom that made her famous � and she�s not even remotely as upset about it as her millions of �tween fans. In fact, Cyrus told Parade magazine that she can�t wait for Hannah Montana to finally come to an end.

"What I am sure about is I'm going to rejoice and be happy to finally not have to be ... well, to not be somebody I'm not exactly," Cyrus said in the latest issue, on newsstands Sunday. "I hate being thought of as a product. I am not a doll, and people want to treat me that way... I'm older now. I have an opinion. I have my own taste."

The 17-year-old also told the mag that her aspirations have changed since she first auditioned for Hannah.
"When I was 12, I thought, 'I want to be famous all the time! I want everybody to recognize me!'" she said. �[But] as I've grown into it, I've grown out of it.�

Specifically, Cyrus is no longer getting the best of both worlds when she has to wear the outrageous, sparkly costumes of her pop star alter ego.

"I can't breathe looking like that anymore," she revealed. "A friend came by the set one day and said, 'You don't look very happy.' I said, 'I'm feeling claustrophobic in all these frills.��

Cyrus' next step: preparing for the March 31 release of The Last Song, her first foray into �grownup� filmmaking. The movie is based on a Nicholas Sparks novel, so place your bets on how many characters will die before the end credits.
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Layered Hairstyles

Popular Trend in Fashion World

layered-hairstylesLayered hairstyles are among the most popular and elegant hairstyles in the fashion world today. It is considered to be a simple addition to the wide spectrum of hairstyles but yet delivers a beautiful, rich, and attractive look. The kind has lived through centuries of styles giving volume, bounce, movement, motion, and expression to hair.

To have the appeal of a layered haircut one just needs to cut hair into different layers depending on the length of the hair. However, it is one style that suits all type of hair lengths and variety of other styles as well. The uppermost layer is usually chin length and after that the length of the layers keep on increasing depending on the latest fashion trends, personal choice, and the length of the haircut. There are few who even go for layers only at the bottom and some who prefer to have the uppermost layer below the earlobe. Mostly people with long hairs prefer to have the first layer below the ear lobe and some who wish to have layers in short length hair cut prefer having the first layer below the eye.

What makes this kind of style more rich and stunning is its ability to beautifully blend with other styles and fashion trends. Adding colors or highlights to layered cuts makes hair look more gorgeous. Depending on individual preferences colors and highlights can be given to the desired layers leaving the rest with its natural appeal. This magical combination is just amazing.

Apart from colors and highlights, there are other styles like bob cut, choppy cut, bangs, fringes, and even sedu hairstyle that can easily incorporate layers without sacrificing the dazzling appeal of the original cut and simultaneously offering the sophistication of a layered haircut.

A layered hairstyle completely changes the look of an individual by adding style, elegance, and richness to one's personality. Furthermore, it is also one of the best solutions or a perfect answer to various health issues especially split ends, hair thinning, and hair loss (J G).
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Stylish Black Emo Girl Hair Styles 2008 Winter

Black Emo Hair Cuts 2009

emo girl

Stylish Black Emo Girl Hair Styles 2008 Winter
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Men Love Long Hairstyles

A popular beauty magazine once interviewed 100 men and asked them what hairstyle they liked the best on women. Per usual, the long hairstyle was a favorite pick by the majority of men. While many long hairstyle can be hard to maintain, there are many options today that will make having a long hairstyle much easier.

One of these options is layering. Adding layers throughout a long hairstyle will make it much easier to style and keep looking good. The layers help to take the bulk out of the hair and help it to lay just right.

Another great option is to add hair bangs. There are many different types of bangs - long, side swept, fringe, short, choppy, layered and the full bang. Also, if you don't feel quite adventurous to get bangs cut, try out some clip in hair bangs for an instant new look. Check out some of the latest layering of long hairstyles
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Bedtime Style - Bun

Here is a quick video showing one way that I style my hair to go to bed at night.
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Sandra Bullock in Marchesa at the 2010 Oscars

At the 2010 Oscars, Sandra Bullock looked gorgeous in a great gown from Marchesa. Sandra always has a great, simple style that makes her seem down to earth and friendly, rather than out of reach like many of the stars. Sandra's girl next door style is easy for anyone to copy, and will look great on any woman, which is probably why nearly all of us love Sandra.

The Marchesa gown that the Best Actress Oscar winner wore was a beautiful gold color with beading that made her sparkle on the red carpet. Sandra, like most of us, looks incredible when she's all dressed up. Her hair, her makeup, the color of the dress was all perfect for her. The sheer bodice and shimmery skirt were sexy, yet subtle, and the bodice itself sparkled with with the floral design. She paired it with bright red lipstick, simple makeup, and had her long hair parted on the side, tucked behind her ear and falling over one shoulder with not a strand out of place. She looked radiant with her lovely earrings and bracelet, and the clutch she carried that was the same shimmery color as her skirt.

Sandra often looks comfortable with who she is, and the way she paired this gown and pulled off the look, even with the skirt reaching the floor and trailing along after her, unlike many of the celebs. So is there a lesson for us when we watch Sandra win such awards as Best Actress? The answer is simple – be comfortable with who you are and the rest will fall into place.

While there were several celebrities who wore Marchesa, such as Vera Farmigia, Sandra looked the best in the Marchesa gown that she chose. Marchesa is an incredible designer, and all the dresses look fantastic, though some of them seem a bit overly large or actually too detailed. Marchesa creates the dresses the stars wear, and also some fantastic bridal dresses. If you're looking for Marchesa gowns, head to Neiman Marcus or Bergdorf Goodman, since these are the only places you are likely to find such beautiful gowns in the United States.

For more on Sandra Bullock and her hair check out this post here

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Are Scene Kids Scene Stealers

Are Scene Kids Scene Stealers

Some scene kids steal the show in their own unique way of dressing up and the way they interact with people in the scene. They are not aware that they attract public attention, but perhaps they do this unconsciously.
scene Pictures, Images and Photos
For them, that�s the way they act and speak; that�s their natural way of interacting with people. But scene kids are not trouble-makers, maybe some of them but not majority. A great number of them are gay or bi-sexual and they really attract too much attention.

For gays and bisexual, it�s their way to fit in and win friends. For them, it�s just cool; it�s just the trend, that�s all. They won�t knock others, they want peace, so don�t knock them off. They don�t intend to interfere on others� lifestyle so, it�s improper to interfere on their lifestyle too.

A typical scene kid has black hair or some crazy colors, crazy streaks with flowing bangs covering his/her eye or both. Scene kids� hair is dead straight, sometimes poofy-spiked at the back, whatever its name is.
scene kids Pictures, Images and Photos
Hair trends are fitted for white kids and other ethnic races but not suited to black guys. Have you seen one with a poof in the bag sporting long hair or with a shock of bangs and colorful hair?

Wear classic shoes like Converse or Vans Classics as a start then, you can wear other brands if you wish. If you prefer to wear Converse, choose the one that has bright color. You can have black or gray as well as neon red shoes if you possess a lot of confidence.
scene Pictures, Images and Photos
scene kids Pictures, Images and Photos
Scene kids Pictures, Images and Photos
scene Pictures, Images and Photos
scene Pictures, Images and Photos
Scene Kids Scene
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Alisha Keys Hairstyles

Alisha Keys came out on the scene with her talent. Not only did she have a beautiful voice but her piano skills also matched. She gained public attention because she jumped on the scene with braids. Traditionally most singers jumped on the scene with long flowing hair but she definitely broke the mode. She wore all types of braid in various designs. Alisha Keys wore beads and various other things in her hair and she looked good wearing them. It was almost unheard of for a beautiful R&B singer to come on the scene wearing braids. Alisha Keys started a trend and everyone individuals looked both women and men were spotted wearing her look.

Braids are a simple style to do and keep up. Men and women can get their hair braided in various designs and wear it for day’s even weeks before it needs to be done again. What started as a fashion statement turned into something very convenient. Alisha Keys now wears more traditionally style as she has grown along with her music. She has beautiful hair so she opts for a sleek straight style, sometimes with bangs or sometimes a curly more natural looking style. Alisha Keys is still a trend setter when it comes to hairstyles she has simply graduated from her braided designs.

Straight hair is extremely popular and individuals can have fun and look good while wearing it. Most people wash and blow dry the hair and then straighten it with a flat iron. Flat irons smooth the hair down from top to bottom and give it the sleek look. No matter how Alisha Keys wears her hair she is amazing and sexy.

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12 Weeks Post Relaxer

Hi friends!

For the ladies who relax their hair - have you ever noticed that when it is one week away from doing a touch up your scalp decides to rebel?  Well that was my scalp this past weekend.  I had every intention of relaxing my hair at 12 weeks post, but my scalp rebelled.  So I decided to wait another week before I apply my relaxer.  

Here are some things I do to make sure I have a good relaxer experience:
  1. Avoid irritating my scalp,
  2. Limit combing to every 2-3 days,
  3. Moisturize with more product than usual,
  4. Two days before relaxer application, thoroughly detangle hair especially at the roots, and
  5. One day before application, lightly spray a liquid moisturizer on my roots to soften them.  This makes parting my hair during application easier.  My roots dry completely before I apply the relaxer.
I'm excited to see how much growth I have retain during the weeks it snowed.

Here are some pictures of my air-dried new growth.


New growth un-stretched

New growth stretched
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Long Emo Blonde Hairstyles For Emo Girls

Though some emo girls love short blonde hair,
the long hairstyle still looks cute.

Long blonde emo hairstyle for emo girlsLong Emo Blonde Hairstyles For Emo Girls

Long blonde emo hairstyle for emo girls cute blonde hairstyle for girls

Long blonde emo hairstyle for emo girlsLong Emo Blonde Hairstyles For Emo Girls

Long blonde emo hairstyle for emo girlsLong Emo Blonde Hairstyles For Emo Girls

Long blonde emo hairstyle for emo girls
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Wavy Hair Style with Steam Rollers

Steam rollers are quick way to style your hair, without worrying about the damaging effects of direct heat from a curling/flat iron.

In this video, I show how to achieve a wavy hairstyle on air dried hair.  You can use the same technique on flat ironed or roller set hair for a much sleeker wavy look.
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Coupon Code - Hair Steamer

Hi friends!

I shared the benefits of steam here. Now, I have details on how you can get your own steamer.

My hair steamer was my second most expensive hair purchase at almost $200.  This was a few years ago and hair steamers were less available then. Fortunately, more online salon wholesalers now offer hair steamers, and at a greatly reduced price than what I paid.

I purchased my hair steamer on Ebay and do not remember the vendor's name.  However, I was able to find another online vendor who sells hair steamers, and a coupon code to save $10 off the purchase of a hair steamer.  Here are the details:
Special thanks to the blog Exotic Mommies, for sharing the coupon code.  I have not tried the coupon code myself, but according to Exotic Mommies the code has no expiration date.
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How I Blow Dry With A Diffuser

Here is a quick video showing how I use a diffuser to speed up my air drying process.

I'm currently at 11 weeks post my last relaxer.  My roots are insanely thick right now, so I plan to do my relaxer next weekend.
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Steam + Hair = Healthier Hair

 My hair steamer

Hi friends!

When I started my hair journey, I used different forms of heat to deep condition my hair.  Including a hood dryer, and heat cap.  After I learned about the benefits of using steam over using a dryer/heat cap, I decided to buy a hair steamer.

Hair steamers are more beneficial because they use moist heat, as opposed to dryers/heat caps which use dry heat.  The moist heat offers an added benefit to your hair by infusing moisture into your strands.  Here are some other benefits of using steam:
  • Increased scalp circulation, which aids hair growth,
  • Helps deep conditioners to penetrate hair faster and better,
  • Reduces dryness and breakage,
  • Faster hair color treatments, and
  • Makes the hair softer and reduces tangling.
I also use my hair steamer as a face steamer, when I'm doing an at-home facial.

An alternative to using a hair steamer, is to use the steam room at your gym.  After your workout, add some conditioner to your wet or dry hair, and sit in the steam room for 15-20 minutes.
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Celebrity Hairstyles Blog| Hair Styles Galleries: Short Hairstyles

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The Search for the Perfect Wig, Part 2

In Part 1 of The Search for the Perfect Wig, I discussed what I am looking for in a human hair lace wig.  Here is what I learned about getting each of my requirements met.

Types of Lace Wigs.  There are mainly two types of lace wigs available - full lace and lace front.  A full lace wig has a cap that is made almost entirely with lace, and allows you to wear a high ponytail.  A lace front wig is has a few inches of lace in the front of the wig, and weft tracks in the back of the wig.   

  1. Durability - The type of lace used is essential to how durable the wig will be.  There are two main types of lace used - French and Swiss.  French lace is considered the most durable, but the durability comes at the expense of not being as invisible on your skin.  Swiss lace is less durable than French, but is undetectable against your skin.  I plan to use my own hair line, so whether the lace disappears on my skin is irrelevant to me.  Thus, I chose French lace.   
  2. Length - The longer the hair, the more it costs.  I feared getting a shorter length and then "outgrowing" it, which would then require me to buy another wig in the future.  So I chose the 20" long wig.  I figured that if it is too long, then I can trim it but if its a little shorter, then it won't be such a big deal.  
  3. Texture - For the most part, the human hair used in lace wigs are either Indian, Chinese, Italian, or Malaysian.  In its natural state, these hair types are straight and silky.  Fortunately, manufacturers have developed a process where they can alter the texture of the natural hair to resemble relaxed type 4 hair.  Hair that has been process to have a relaxed texture are categorized as light yaki, yaki, and coarse yaki.   
    1. Here are examples of yaki textured human hair:

      Light Yaki/Yaki

      Coarse Yaki

  4. Maintenance - Full lace wigs require more maintenance than lace front wigs, because the lace is delicate and can tear.  Minor tears can usually be repaired at home with a needle and clear thread.  With repeated washes, the hair on a full lace wig is also more prone to shedding.  To minimize shedding, a knot sealer should be sprayed under the lace cap after each wash.  Also, it is recommended that you use a fray block on the lace, after you cut it to reduce shedding along the hairline.  All human hair wigs should be shampooed,  conditioned, and moisturized to prevent excess damage to the hair.  I decided to get a lace front wig because it requires less maintenance, and is more durable that a full lace wig.      
  5. Style - All human hair wigs can be styled with flat irons, and curling irons.  However, as with your real hair, it is important to use heat protectants when styling your human hair wig.   
  6. Application (*New category*) - Most people who wear lace wigs, apply the wig with an adhesive (tape or liquid glue).  I am not comfortable with using an adhesive, so I plan to attach hair pins to the inside of the wig to secure it to my head.  Wig clips can also be sewn into the cap of the wig, but I prefer the no tension hold of my hair pins.    
In summation, I chose a human hair, lace front wig that is made with french lace, and has a yaki texture.  For me, this was the best option because it offered me the most durable, low maintenance, and realistic looking wig.  

Stay tuned for Part 3, where I will discuss shopping for a lace/lace front wig.  

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How I Air Dry

Hi friends!

Air drying is a great way to avoid using direct heat, thus reducing the chance of damage.  I air dry my hair in the winter, while I am wearing my protective style.  Air drying is also a great option for the summer time, when the humidity may not allow you to wear straight styles.

One common complaint about air drying, is your hair may feel hard and start to break.  If this is your experience, try using a creamy leave in, and skip the protein when you condition your hair. 
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Worst bollywood movies of famous actors: Your opinion??

Mela � Aamir Khan
Guddu � Shahrukh Khan
Main Prem Ki Deewani Hoon � Hrithik Roshan
Parampara � Saif Ali Khan
Ram Gopal Varma ki Aag � Amitabh Bachchan
Chandramukhi � Salman Khan
Some of our favourite actors acting in such bollywood movies�.Which is the worst movie according to you and how do you feel about it?
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Cast: Akshay Kumar,Deepika Padukone,Ritesh Deshmukh,Arjun Rampal,Lara Dutta,Malaika Arora,Randhir Kapoor,Jiah Khan,Subhan Nadiadwala

Director: Sajid Khan

Producer: Sajid Nadiadwala

�HOUSEFULL� is a romantic comedy entertainer which narrates the story of Aarush � the world�s unluckiest man. Being jinxed he believes his bad luck can vanish if he finds true love.

In his quest for true love how one lie leads to another and how different people from different walks of life come together adding even more confusion to his hilarious comedy of errors resulting in total chaos. As Deepika tells Akshay in the film �JIS JHOOTH SE KISSI KA GHAR BASTA HO, VOH JHOOTH JHOOTH NAHIN HOTA�.

Im sure its gonna be a hit.. A MUST WATCH�

In Cinemas on 30th April�
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