short hair styles

Would like to know the most popular this year, short hair styles ? We are here to show you some of this year will be the most fashionable short hairstyle picture. I hope you will like.
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short hair cuts

Driving home Evelin wondered if she could improve her life by styling herself with one of the new, modern and mostly short hair cuts of Jessica Alba who appeared to be Evelin's most respected Hollywood actress.
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bob haircut

Thick hair can be difficult to control but if you go for blonde or blunt bob haircut just below your chin looks fabulous.These short hairstyles suit any girl who is slim. Ifslim girl goes with bangs, it adds beauty to her face and makes her look even more attractive.
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Short hairstyles

Short hairstyles grow in popularity each year. Whether you are looking for that chic businesswoman look, the sexy party girl, or the sweet girl next door, there is a short hairstyle for you. In today�s everything-is-possible world, there are amazing new products, tools, and techniques to give your short hairstyle the individual flare you are looking for. One of the joys of short hair that all women can agree on is the ease of care.Most of the same gels and anti-frizzing sprays used for longer length hair also work well for short hair. However, pomades and gels that give extra texture are often preferred for short hairstyles. If you are looking for a short, sleek hairstyle, look for products that will help lock down the hair and prevent frizzing. Stylists caution however, that with short hair, a little product goes a long way.
Tools such as CHI and Sedu with plates ranging from 3/4? to 1? and hot rollers such as the Caruso brand of hair setters can put the finishing touches on a short style, or change a short curly style to a short sleek style.Finally, there are a few tried and true tips that every woman should keep in mind when working with short hair getting a short haircut, don�t go too short at first. Error on the conservative side, you can always go shorter. Short hairstyles need to be trimmed regularly to keep their shape and style. major events such as weddings, graduations, and performances, and get your hair trimmed a week to ten days before the event.
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short hair styles

short hair styles hair styles medium hair styles curly hair your source for 2009 hairstyles. shrot hairstyles medium hair, long hair styles, and prom photos. short hair syles-short haircuts picture medium hairstyles, new medium hair styles short hairstyles: long hairstyles: medium hairstyles.
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Cute Girl

cute emo girl

cute emogirl hair
Cunning, attractive, cute girl contrived to charm.
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Hannah Montana: Miley Cyrus Helps Out Haiti with Song and Video

January 28, 2010

The stars have been doing what they can to send assistance to the victims of the Haiti disaster, and Hannah Montana actress Miley Cyrus is one of them. The 17-year-old pop sensation has volunteered to help out in a way she does best - through music. Click image to enlarge
Teen star Miley Cyrus has been one of those tapped to perform for Simon Cowell's relief single, which will be released to raise funds for the cause. The Hannah Montana star will be belting out a rendition of R.E.M.'s "Everybody Hurts" as her contribution.

There are several more stars who have been given the chance to help out. With the American Idol judge coordinating this effort, it's bound to be quite a success.

Other veteran musicians have also been doing their part as well. MTV News reports that Mariah Carey and Jon Bon Jovi are on the list, in addition to famous Brits Susan Boyle, Leona Lewis and Rod Stewart

"It's amazing these great singers are clearing their schedules to make this happen," Simon Cowell told England's The Sun. "It says such a lot that everyone is working so hard to help Haiti. This is something that really matters to us all, and I'm so grateful for the support we are getting." source:
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Hannah Montana and High School Musical tribute a real new year treat

January 18, 2010

Miley Cyrus gets headaches when she goes shopping. The 'Hannah Montana' star loves going out and buying new clothes buts admits the experience can sometimes be overwhelming. She said: "I'm a bit of a tomboy. I love to shop, but I get really claustrophobic. I get headaches. I like to just go into one place and raid it and let that be it for a while.
"I love Barneys. You can go on one floor and find a really great bag that's like Prada or Gucci, or you can go up to the Co-op and find Marc by Marc Jacobs or Splendid tees."

Although she has legions of fans, both male and female, the 17-year-old actress-and-singer admits she was very insecure about her looks when she first became famous. She told Harper's Bazaar magazine: "I used to ask everyone all day, 'Do I look pretty?' I probably asked that question about as many times as I blink.
"But I got used to the paparazzi, the cameras, having people star at me and the 'What are you wearing?' I got comfortable." source:
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Short hair style

So, do you want to be in style in 2008? Get one of the short hair styles that suit your face type. You can talk to your hairdresser and see what other options you have. You can even see how your face looks like with different hair cuts on computer software that you can find on the Internet. You can see yourself and choose one hair cut that you like. Getting a hair cut that matches your face will make you look your best and you will feel more confident having the hair style you want.

All in all, the short hair styles are highly attractive and they are back in style the next year. In addition, the short hair is easy to maintain and to take care of so you will love it.
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Vanessa Hudgens is After Party Pretty

Vanessa was spotted out on Friday getting down to business at Sony Studios and running errands in Studio City.
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Vanessa Hudgens is a Studio City Sweetheart

Vanessa Hudgens keeps it cute in a suede Madewell jacket and sunglasses on Friday (January 15) as she drops off her dry cleaning in Studio City, Calif. After dropping off her clothes for cleaning, the 21-year-old cutie headed off to Sony Studios for a business meeting.
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Vanessa Hudgens Says she has Undergone "Hair" Makeover Since *That* Photo

Gorgeous Vanessa Hudgens has announced that any man who thinks he knows what she looks like in the nude is kidding himself. Speaking to an intimate group of female students, Vanessa revealed that she has undergone several fashion transformations since that notorious photograph was displayed all over the internet.
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Zac Efron �Plants Orange Tree in Vanessa Hudgens� Backyard�

ZAC Efron has planted some orange trees in girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens� backyard. �He picked out the locations for the trees and oversaw the landscaping himself. He also gave Vanessa an expensive juicer so she can make herself some fresh O.J. on hot summer days.�
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Vanessa Hudgens sues website over nude pics

Vanessa Hudgens is suing the owners of, after the Web site refused to remove nude pictures of the "High School Musical" actress.
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On the run with Poison�s �Every rose has its thorn�!

Our Hannah Montana has so much drive that she will make her fan crazy with her songs this time too! Such should be the power of your remake that people will forget Poisons original track and will remember your spice attached with the song! We hope for a rocking performance.
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Miley Cyrus wants be a �role model� for young fans

Teen starlet Miley Cyrus says she�d prefer being a role model rather than �an idol� to her young fans. The Hanna Montana star has revealed she is planning to undertake charity work in Indonesia next year.
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Miley Cyrus, Madonna and Angelina Jolie: Miley doesn�t agree with..

The teen stunner had her first brush with showbiz at a tender nine in the widely popular series �Doc� and had achieved overnight acclaim in the hit Disney caper �Hanah Montana� and has also realized stupendous success with her Pop albums.
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Miley Cyrus� personal attacks on Madonna and Jolie � was that intentional or innocent?

Miley Cyrus spoke in the Irish TV show Xpose that she didn�t like the idea of kids being taken in front of the camera without their approval. She continued that Angelina Jolie and Madonna are in a habit of taking their kids in public eye without the consent of the children. Miley said that she �really disagrees with it� that Madonna and Jolie are parading their kids for publicity at such a young age!
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Hannah Montana: Brooke Shields Gives Miley Cyrus College Advice

Playing mother and daughter on a hit television show has only strengthened the bond between actress Brooke Shields and Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus.

Recently, Brooke Shields told the young actress that she'd like it if Miley went to college. The 44-year-old model graduated from Princeton University in 1987, earning a degree in French Literature. There were several reports that the home-schooled Cyrus was planning to skip college and just focus on her career, which didn't bode well with her on-screen mom.
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Hannah Montana: Miley Cyrus Sets the Record Straight on Controversy, Twitter, and Future Plans

Rumors about the 17-year-old star of Hannah Montana for weeks now, but nothing beats hearing from the pop princess herself. Miley Cyrus admitted that she's had it with all these tall tales about her, but she knows it won't be stopping anytime soon. That's why she'd rather discuss it all herself.

On her work with photographer Annie Leibovitz where the teen star was wrapped in a bed sheet, Miley explained: "Here, my parents are thinking they're seeing a beautiful picture by a major photographer, and the people of America want to see something dirty in that?"
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Hannah Montana: Miley Cyrus to Be a Grammy Presenter

Representing the tweens of the world for the highly awaited awards night is Miley Cyrus, hero to millions of children around the world. It was recently announced that the Hannah Montana star will be a presenter for the 52nd annual Grammy Awards, which will air on CBS later this month.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the 17-year-old pop sensation will be joining fellow Disney stars the Jonas Brothers as presenters, as well as young musician Justin Bieber. Of course, there are many others, which makes it truly an honor for Miley Cyrus. We're just not quite sure if she'll be performing or anything though.
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Hannah Montana: Miley and Liam Sneak Us into 'The Last Song'

Now that Hannah Montana has been given an expiration date, actress Miley Cyrus needs other ventures to keep her busy. But these projects come easily for her, like fanmail.

We all know the 17-year-old star is starring in the Nicholas Sparks-penned movie The Last Song later this year. Joining her is boyfriend Liam Hemsworth, who will of course be playing her love interest on the big screen. The two of them recently sat down to give viewers a sneak peek to their film, which will be showing in theaters this April.

Below, you can watch as Miley Cyrus and Liam take us behind the scenes for The Last Song. It may just be for two minutes, but any fan of the Hannah Montana pop sensation will be satisfied.

Along for the ride are other actors from the movie, one of which is Greg Kinnear, as Miley's dad who tries to connect with her after many years. Meanwhile, her mother will be portrayed by Kelly Preston. The Last Song also stars Bobby Coleman, Hallock Beals, Nick Lashaway, Carly Chaikin, Nick Searcy, and Kate Vernon.

Here's the clip, as acquired by On the Flix. For the interview, Miley talks about what the movie is all about.

"The story of The Last Song is about this girl, Ronnie Miller, who kind of started going down the wrong path," the star announced. "She's trying to prove a point to her dad, but really, she's just cheating herself." source
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Miley Cyrus Wants Emily Osment Out Of Her House

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Hannah Montana Hairstyles

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Mitchel Musso & Gia Mantegna

Mitchel Musso and Gia Mantegna couple up during their latest Ustream chat that they held on Sunday afternoon (January 3) in Los Angeles
Mitchel tweeted after the chat, �Thanks guys for watching & being a part of the Ustream! Wish I could read faster, questions came SO fast! U guys ROCK as always!�
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Hannah Montana to pay a visit to Jonas?

Hannah Montana and Jonas are two popular television series on the entertainment channel, Disney. Both of these revolve around singers who lead double lives. They are sought after singers yet try to go back to being average people.
Miley Cyrus plays Hannah Montana while Jonas comprises of the three brothers � Nick, Joe & Kevin who in real life have formed the rock band The Jonas Brothers.
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Hannah Montana Ending: Teen Girls, Pedophiles, Saddened

Everybody�s favorite �It�s OK to find an underage girl attractive if she�s on TV� is leaving television after her fourth season. Lunchbox and a Internet firewall manufacturers are bemoaning the loss.
�Without Hannah Montana around, husbands just aren�t going to need to buy password protecting programs for their computer folders like they used to. I don�t know what I�m gonna do, I got kids in college,� one computer software engineer bemoaned.
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Hannah Montana and High School Musical tribute a real new year treat

Direct from sell a sell-out run at the Helix Theatre in Dublin, Hannah Montana and High School Musical fans are sure to get the best of both worlds when this magical tribute show arrives in Castlebar on Saturday January 9. It�s a foot stompin', all singin' and dancin' tribute feast that will have even mums and dads on their feet. This show is the culmination of three months� intensive choreography, vocal coaching, and drama rehearsals for a team of fully trained young actors and performers from Britain.
The show is produced by renowned novelist/scriptwriter Emma Hetherington, with choreography by Lynda Wright who can each boast more than 20 years� experience in the world of showbusiness.
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Osment-mania took over the Empire Theatre Sunday.

Droves of youngsters converged at the local theatre for the highly- anticipated performance from Hannah Montana star, Emily Osment.

Concert-goers started streaming into the Empire at 1 p.m. for the 2 p.m. show. As it got closer to showtime, the queue outside the venue started to back up out the doors as excited fans rushed in to purchase an array of Osment memorabilia. Grace Clarkson, 9, was among a throng of youngsters lined up to get their hands on an Osment T-shirt. She said Osment, who plays Lilly Truscott on Hannah Montana, is very funny and she wears silly outfits on the show. Clarkson and her sister Emily also got a chance to meet Osment.

"I've never been to a concert before and I think it's really fun to meet somebody famous," Grace said. "She's a very nice singer and my favourite character on Hannah Montana."
The sister's were accompanied by their mother, Tara Wannamaker, to the first of Osment's two sold-out shows at the Empire. She said her daughters watch the show religiously every day.
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Hannah Montana may be history

A Disney Channel executive says the popular show starring 17-year-old Miley Cyrus is likely to shut down for good after filming its fourth season.

Senior Vice President of Programming Adam Bonnett told the New York Post that while "you never know in this business," the cable television show is "scheduled to wrap after shooting this next batch of episodes".
A Disney spokeswoman confirmed his comments but would not elaborate. Production on season four is set to begin later this month. Those episodes will start airing in late spring and continue through 2011.
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End May Be in Sight for �Hannah Montana�

Is Hannah Montana getting ready to give up her microphone? The Disney Channel programming executive Adam Bonnett told MTV News that the fourth season of the series �Hannah Montana,� which stars Miley Cyrus, right, as a teenager who is secretly a pop star, would be its last. �You never know in this business ... but right now, we�re scheduled to wrap after shooting this new batch of episodes,� Mr. Bonnett said in a statement.
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Miley Cyrus Says Farewell To Hannah Montana

Disney Channels hit show Hannah Montana will be wrapping it up in the spring of 2011. Hannah Montana premiered back in 2006 and led young actress/singer Miley Cyrus to fame.

Hannah Montana is very popular among tween girls ages 9-14 and was Disney�s number one viewed sitcom. Miley Cyrus plays Miley Stewart during the day, a regular teenage girl going through the in�s and out�s of being a young woman and by night she plays Hannah Montana, a beautiful pop singer on her way to stardom.

Many young girls are disappointed to hear this news but have no fear; Miley Cyrus is not going anywhere anytime soon. She�s one of the most popular female role models and will be continue to star in movies and shows.

She is going to be playing a role in this years anticipated sequel of Sex and the City and then will also co star in the new fall drama The Last Song. Not only does she have a great acting career but her solo album Party in the USA was recently released and is doing quite well on the Billboards.
Miley Cyrus Says Farewell To Hannah Montana.
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I am with myself on the inside..

photo source: sunset love

Everyone is right and at the same time wrong on being emo. It's just the way the world works. See, everyone has their own opinions and no one should shut them up no matter what others think, or if they don't agree. It's just how the world works. Isn't that the whole point of trying to "find" you? To never hold anything back and always look for a you that you feel comfortable in, and all the people who call the others posers, how are you to judge that?

Everyone is still human, still people trying to find themselves in this image crazed world. There's no right or wrong thing to think or say or be for that matter, "When your mother tells you to love and appreciate your body, it's not just to get you to shut up. They know that when you're old you are going to feel exactly the same way you do inside as you do now.

We try on different dresses, different selves, but our souls are always the sameongoing and full of light." It's from the book, Psyche in a Dress by Francesca Lia Block (All time favorite book). It's true, no matter what shells you try on you're always going to be the same, no site on the internet can tell you who to be, but you make that choice to look at it and see if maybe you could try on that shell. That is you, the human that wants to appreciate and love their own body. You just gotta see the good and bad in it. Not just what you want to, but everything else that makes it.
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