Scene Lingos are Important Part of Scene Style

Scene Lingos
A typical scene kid is one who knows the right scene lingos which emphasize an appropriate scene style. When you create your own phrases, think of short, odd adverbs that can be overused or use them instead in special occasions.

When you feel that something is really awesome, shout RADD. Typos can be applied too but scene kids who want to be unique make their own words online with friends. When one of you typos and you think it�s funny, you can use weird accent on selected words as what Britney Spears does.

If you say omgzzzz, rawr and bikthx, that�s cool. In MySpace, scene kids usually use usernames that have something to do with their favorite band or song. A lot of them say the words such as terror, strange and suicide in their names as well as copyright and trademark symbols.

Whether you are speaking on the phone or in personal, tell somebody that her clothes are so Marie Claire referring to a huge fashion icon. You can say other scene lingos like batch, you are the shag, that�s golden, you�re so cute STFU, or oh-em-gee.

Avoid using rofl and Imao, instead, you can make use of stellar, rad or yar. Refrain from using old hip hop urban slang like fashizzle and fosho. You can call each other nigga, nikka, nukka being obsessed with robots and dinosaurs.

Don�t say what the people around you are saying. You can try the Urban Dictionary to enhance your scene lingo or you can coin your own words but be sure they sound good.

Scene kids

Scene kids
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Tips on How to Get that Modern, Lovely Scene Hairstyles

Tips on How to Get that Modern, Lovely Scene Hairstyles
If you are a scene kid and you want to exude that kind of hairstyle that attracts many people then, you must arrange your hair in such a way that it becomes impressive.

Black scene hairstyle for girls

If your hair is curly, consider having it straightened and if it is straight, have some choppy layers into your hair. You can also try using razor and it will look nice too. Try dyeing your hair with black color and with colorful streaks such as pink or blue. You also have an option to maintain your natural hair color and have some lowlights or highlights.

Colorful choppy scene hairstyle

You can also have the usual scene hairstyle in straight black or blond blended with black. Let your fringe grow and clip it to the side using Kirby grips or bow clips. You can apply a little amount of hair serum at the back. If you want to portray some kind of boyish appearance, you can use gel to get that shining look.

Scene Hairstyle straight black or blond blended with black

You can also put some porcupine spikes at the back but don�t forget to rinse, lather and repeat rinsing to take out all the gel. Attach extensions if you want long scene hair. Cut the split ends every month to maintain a neat and healthy look.

Scene Hair with extensions

Make sure that your hair appears lovely and clean by using hair conditioner and shampoo that suit your kind of hair. Use a brush to comb your hair daily to take out dead hairs. You can dye your hair with peroxide blonde and black or brown for your fringes.

Blonde Scene Hairstyle

Peroxide blonde Scene Hairstyle

Modern Scene Hairstyle

Lovely Scene Hairstyle
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8 Tips on Having a Fantastic Scene Style

8 Tips on Having a Fantastic Scene Style
  • The first commandment on being scene is not to say something about your being scene. Don�t transform your style into being a scene person in just one day otherwise you will be branded as a pretender or trying hard.

  • Make it a gradual process, something that could happen in a month�s time or a year. Be patient in the gradual transformation, you�ll get what you want if you study first the scene style of other kids.

  • Study and analyze their behavior and action but don�t copy. Avoid a repetition of style about the emo scene and the scene action. This will only affect your being a nice scene person.
  • Study and analyze what a kandi kid is before you go into action. Kandi kid guys are common to people nowadays so, you better think of something different.

  • If you want to be unique, buy your scene clothing from different shops rather than buying it only from Hot Topic. By doing this, people will have difficulty in identifying your style.
  • It�s not really necessary to know how to match colorful designs of your clothing but it helps to know something on color mixing patterns.

  • If you are used to dye your hair frequently, you must refrain now or may cause damage to it.
  • When you are ready to act on the scene, don�t be in a hurry to identify yourself as a scene person that could annoy other people; you will have your time. It�s better to go slow and hit your aim rather than fail in a short time.
8 Tips on Having a Fantastic Scene Style
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Miley Cyrus Premieres �Hannah Montana�

Miley Cyrus shows off her pearly whites as she premieres her new flick, Hannah Montana The Movie, at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood on Thursday night (April 2).

The 16-year-old actress looks stunning in a navy Alberta Ferretti dress and BCBG leather jacket. Miley completed her look with tall black Aldo boots. Gorgeous! Hannah Montana The Movie hits theaters on April 10th.

FYI: Winners for the JJJ screening of Hannah Montana have been notified. Check your email!


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'Hannah Montana' Soundtrack Falls Short To Now 30 On Albums Chart

Just weeks after the Jonas Brothers' "3D Concert Experience" soundtrack was denied the top spot in its chart debut thanks to Taylor Swift, the tween country star will block another peer from the #1 slot next week when the "Hannah Montana: The Movie" soundtrack has to settle for #2.

Only this time, Swift had some help, as she's just one of 20 artists on the chart-topping Now That's What I Call Music! 30 compilation � also featuring hits from Kanye West, Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Katy Perry � which will claim the pole position on the Billboard albums chart thanks to a first-week tally of 146,000.

That was enough to push the "Montana" soundtrack � in what could be the TV show's first and only big-screen installment � to #2 on sales of 139,000, according to figures provided by Nielsen SoundScan. Not far behind is the deluxe edition of the "Twilight" soundtrack, which sold another 102,000 copies to hold on to the #3 position, just ahead of the chart debut of Keri Hilson's oft-delayed In a Perfect World ... , which claims #4 thanks to 94,000 units shifted.

Kelly Clarkson's reign at #1 ends after just two weeks, as her comeback album All I Ever Wanted slips to #5 on sales of close to 52,000, just barely edging out U2's No Line on the Horizon, which falls to #6 with more than 51,000 units, squeaking ahead of Lady Gaga's The Fame, which drops to #7 with sales of 45,000.

After months of familiar faces, the rest of the top 10 features a number of debuts, including a #8 bow from Papa Roach for their Metamorphosis (44,000), Jim Jones' Pray IV Reign (43,000) and Martina McBride's Shine (41,000). Thinking man's metallers Mastodon just missed a top 10 debut with their latest concept album, Crack the Skye, which landed at #11 on sales of just over 41,000, pushing Swift's Fearless (40,000) down to #12, marking the first time since that album's release five months ago that it hasn't been in the top 10.

There were more debuts as well, including angsty rockers Blue October at #13 with Approaching Normal (37,000), Slim Thug at #14 with Boss of All Bosses (32,000), Doom (the masked rapper known as MF Doom) at #52 with Born Like This (11,000) and former "American Idol" contestant Mandisa at #83 with her second full-length studio album of contemporary gospel Freedom.

Elsewhere, The-Dream's Love vs. Money had a short stay in the top 10, falling to #14 in week three on sales of 36,000, while the Decemberists' vaunted rock opera Hazards of Love managed to gain 35 percent in sales (28,000) while falling four spots to #19, and Adele's 19 jumped nearly 20 spots to #23 (21,000) after her appearance on "Dancing With the Stars."

Over on the catalog chart, the reissue of Pearl Jam's iconic debut Ten topped the charts with 60,000 sold, and thanks to the "American Idol" bump, two volumes of Motown hits saw triple-digit increases, with Motown #1's Volume 2 shifting 6,000 for a 1,000 percent jump over the previous week and Motown #1's leaping 645 percent on sales of 5,000. Fans were also clearly digging Adam Lambert's take on "Tracks of My Tears," as that song's digital sales were up 477 percent over the previous week to 1,000.
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Prom Hair Styles

It's that time of year again--that is time for Prom. If you are looking for your prom hairstyle, check out all the new galleries in the Hair Resources network of sites.

Prom Hairstyles Center

Prom Hair Resources

Inside Prom Hair

Prom Hair Galleries

Prom Hair Styles Ideas

Ultimate Prom Hairstyles Guide
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