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For those not ready to go all the way for a full mohawk, the faux hawk haircut can be a versatile option. Unlike the mohawk, the faux hawk haircut leaves a bit of hair on the sides and back and the shorter varieties may be worn down for a more conservative look.
While not a look most guys can even think of pulling off, these cuts make a bold statement.
For even more pictures of men's haircuts, browse our hairstyle galleries and be sure to read our men's product guides, let us show you how to get a great men's haircut and how to choose the best hair length for you.
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Rihanna Hairstyles 2011

Rihanna went from long to a fabulous inverted bob. Recently she went again under the scissors and now she carries out a chic pixie haircut to perfection. It's a fabulous and flexible haircut that suits her perfect heart shaped face.
Rihanna�s hairstyles are rated R�for rock-chic! From bold bobs to punk pixies, the pop phenom has done it all. �Pon the replay� of RiRi�s dos through the years (see photo gallery below) and vote for your favorites now!
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Short Long hairstyles

A Long hair style that is worn one length can come across a tad boring and dull, but with the right hair color you can really change things around. A two toned effect will add depth and dimension. Highlights are always a good idea, but changing it up will make things more interesting. Keep the stripes smaller and more blending to the base hair color, and add a few colors to the mix. This will add transition and reflect light-giving-depth to the hair.

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Short hairstyle pictures for women

Short Hairstyles 2011,Just this year alone we have witnessed stars such as Rihanna, Nicole Richie, Sienna Miller and Jessica Alba hitting the red carpet with glorious quick hair styles. Should you need to make the transition from lengthy to brief or when you just want some fresh ideas for making your shorter curly hair turn heads � this article is heading to introduce you to the present designs which might be taking over the world! 

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Medium Prom Hairstyles for Women

Medium Prom Hairstyles,You shouldn�t be afraid to experiment all types of curls because if you don�t like it you can simply wash your hair. The reality is that curly hair  needs more attention than straight hair does. However, if you don�t have wavy or curly hair you can create your own curls. One option could be to get a perm or simply use hot curling tools.

After you created the perfect curls the next step will be to style them. The only thing you need is some styling wax and a bit of imagination. You can use a headband or several head pins to create the look you were searching for. If you would like a more chic hairdo you can do a tight French twist and you can decorate it with some hair gems.
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Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair

It probably seems like it's only the long-haired women who can flaunt fabulous hairstyles to go with their wedding gowns. From updos to wearing their hair loose or tousled, there are a lot of styles to choose from. But if you have short hair, you don�t have to be left out of the fun of hairstyling. Even though your locks are cropped, you can still exude glamour and femininity and look really special on your big day.

What's really convenient about short hair is that it's very easy to maintain throughout the ceremony and you won�t need to worry about your hair being flattened or any carefully crafted curls starting to uncoil. Instead of looking totally fixed up, it will let you look gorgeous yet at the same time casual and carefree.

Here are some easy styles you can play with before your wedding day. Give them a test run first to see which one would look best!
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Cute Short Haircuts for Women 2011

There are a lot of cute short hair cuts that you can adapt whether you are male or female. A lot of girls wear their hair shorter because it becomes a lot easier to manage and nowadays, short hair has become very fashionable.



There are so many cute short hair cuts that you could style your hair to be that it`s just simply amazing. Some girls that are into sports will also frequent the short haircuts instead but a lot of girls will choose to have short hair over long hair anyways.
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Cool Mens Hairstyles 2011

A lot people are disturbed by the thin hair, because of the hair loss, a lot men do not know what kind of hairstyles should to have. Did you mean fashion cool haircuts are only for these who with thick and lustrous hair? If you do think so, then you will get a big surprise. No matter the hair loss stress, the medication or any other hereditary reasons, thinning hair is really a common problem for women and men. While there are a lot products for hair care that claim to get back to your original hair, as you know, these kind of thin hair products have little affect, I suggest instead of try to get back, eyes for a hairstyle, with the thin hair, there are many haircuts which will make your baldness less prominent.

The Caesar Cut was flaunted by George Clooney for many years. This haircut is named after the veteran politician Julius Caesar. Caesar cut is one of the popular hair styles for men with shorter as well as thinning hair.The hair is short, with a horizontally straight cut fringe.Layered to around 2-5 cm, if properly carried,the cut can be a great style statement.

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Short Trendy Hairstyles For Women 2011

Short Trendy Hairstyles For Women 2011 are thinking of getting some trendy haircut styles and ideas then here are various ideas on trendy hairstyles for 2011.

The most trendy styles are gorgeous body curls layered trendy hairstyles for girls. Get some layers near the crown and then some more near the hair ends.

English braids, French braids and herringbone braids are getting popular again Another popular 2011 trendy hairstyles are braids.
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Short Hairstyles For Straight Updo

Updos for curly hair look good on people who have a heart or round shaped face, as taking out some strands from the sides will highlight the facial features like the eyes, nose, lips and chin and take away the attention from the cheeks.

Short Hairstyles For Straight Updo wavy hair, then tie a high pony, let few strands loose near the nape of your neck, and secure the rest of the hair using pins.

have extremely fine hair, then try out this braid hairstyle For a stylish short hair updo look, tie a French bun at the back and cut your front hair in a blunt fringe.
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Medium Curly Hairstyles for Men 2011

If you wear shoulder length hair, why not try the curly hairstyles instead of medium straight hair styles? Some ideas for styling curly hair leaves men with many options because men with curly hair are faced with trying to keep their hair manageable as it grows longer.

There are many ways to wear curly hair. Short on the sides and long on top is fun and fashionable way to sport curls. It�s also a great way to more easily manage curly hair. If you want to wear cool curly hairstyle, here are some pictures of mens curly haircuts, hope you can get some good ideas. You can download these curly hair style pictures and show your stylist, they know how to get it done. Enjoy!

sexy medium curly hairstyle for men

sexy medium curly hairstyle for men

men long curly hairstyle

men medium long curly hairstyle

harry medium curly hair style

Men light curly hairstyle with long curly bangs

classic curly hairstyle for men

classic curly hairstyle for men

medium curly hairstyle for guys

medium curly hairstyle for guys
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Women Hairstyles for Thick Hair

Hairstyles for Thick Hair, Thickness or thinness of hair depends on the volume of hair, and volume is nothing but the number of individual strands per square inch of your scalp. If the bulk volume of your hair is more, it means you have thick hair, and if less, then it simply means that you have thin hair.

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Layered Medium Hairstyles | Medium Hairstyles for Women

A medium hairstyle can still be feminine, flirty and sophisticated, especially when you add layers. When adding layers to any length of hair always have your stylist help tailor the layers to best suit your features.In order to keep a layered medium hairstyle looking its best you�ll want to get a trim every 8 weeks or sooner. This will help prevent a shaggy look as the layers grow out.



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Medium Hairstyles for Men | Mens Medium Hairstyles

Medium length hairstyles give a man a more classic appearance and most styles are accepted in all professions as appropriate hair styles. Classic medium length styles require slightly more attention to maintain than most short styles that do not even require a comb. A man with medium length hair has more options open to him should he choose to change his appearance slightly by combing his hair in a different way.

Some of the more trendy medium length hairstyles for men involve cutting the hair to different lengths. One style has all of the hair except the bangs cut to a medium length and the bangs left longer. Another popular style leaves the top slightly longer and involves using mousse to stiffen sprigs of the top hair into spikes. Most medium length hairstyles involve parting the hair on one side and combing over.

In general, medium length hairstyles for men are considered more classic and classy. They tend to make most men look more distinguished, especially if the style is created with attention to the shape of the face. The longer hair feels more sensual when being styled and when an intimate partner touches it. Medium hairstyles for men are considered appropriate almost everywhere.




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