Perfect Bridal Hairstyles

By: Andrea Simpson

Having problems deciding on a hairstyle?

Choosing the right hairstyle for your dream wedding day isn't rocket science, so why is it difficult? You want to look like you like a princess, but you need a little bit of help and here we've outlined all you need to know for that dream bridal hairstyle.

Look for hairstyle ideas

The easiest way is to start collecting pictures from magazines and nowadays you can find some great hair style resources on the Internet. And be realistic - is the length, thickness etc of your hair really suitable for the style you have your heart set on? Bring along lots of pictures to your hairstylist and ask here for advice on at least 3 different styles and then let her try each one out.

Hair up or Hair Down?

Try to select a hairstyle that suits your face shape - for example round faces tend to suit high "updo's" and sleek long styles while those with long faces suit hairstyles that have more width and volume. Would you be comfortable with all of your hair swept away from your face? You need to consider having some hair both up and down, or just leaving some wispy bits around your face to soften the look. If you have an off-the-shoulder or low cut dress will you feel comfortable with some flesh exposed?

Straight or Curly

Once you have made a decision to wear you hair up or down, your possibilities are endless. Curls are romantic and soft, as are twists, pleats, plaits and variations to the bun. Or maybe you prefer a more contemporary twists and spikes. Try to reflect your own personality in your bridal hairdo, but don't be a fashion victim.

Tiara's and Veils

These need to compliment your bridal hairstyle but not hide it. If you have chosen a large floor-length veil, your hairstyle needs to be strong enough to hold its shape until you take the veil off. Some veils look a lot better sat at the rear of your head under a bun or a mass of curls. As a general rule, the hair shouldn't be worn longer than the veil.

Jewels, beads and flowers

These are very popular as they add some sparkle and colour and can match in with your colour scheme and jewellery. Pins and hairgrips with sparkling gems create a stunning effect, whilst small flowers can be scattered amongst the curls or wired to a hidden comb to flatter a French pleat.

A trial run

Always have a hairstyle trial well in advance of your wedding. Your hair may need to grow longer for your desired style, so you can always have another trial nearer to your wedding day.

Your wedding hair checklist

1. Have a trial run with your hairstylist as soon as your wedding date is finalised. And if possible, take along a small selection of dress photos, and any hair accessories you plan to wear.

2. Find out if your hair needs to be grown longer, and improve your hair condition with quality conditioning treatments, and maybe even change the colour.

3. Never shampoo your hair or use conditioning treatments on your wedding day.

4. Just take it easy and relax.

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